Friday, February 13, 2009

2008 P&E Best Publisher Award goes to The Wild Rose Press

Congrats to TWRP! Preditors and Editors named The Wild Rose Press Best Publisher in its 2008 poll.
Not surprising to me. The editors I've worked with so far have been tough but caring, insightful and intelligent, and helped me bring my stories up to a new level. I groaned when they toughened their standards last year, making publication more difficult. But it forces me to be tougher on myself when I submit (a good thing).
Last year, TWRP released Cinderella Dreams (are Tough to Shake) as a free read. In 2009, look for these releases:
March 19 - Seventh Heaven, a Vintage (Sixties era) Rosette (short)
May 6 - Duende and the Muse, a Faery Rosette (short)
July 15 - Going with Gravity, a Champagne (contemporary) Rosebud (short)
I have a few others submitted with TWRP and hope to add more to the list soon.

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