Friday, April 10, 2009

Marketing madness continues!

Charlotte Dillon put together a fantastic list of promotion resources on her site.
First, a list of review sites. If you’re a new author, check with your publisher to see which sites they submit copies to so you don’t duplicate their efforts.
Second, Charlotte provides links to Articles, Tips and Other Information to Help You with Book Promotion: everything from postcard mailings to making an ARC in Word to Search Engine Optimization. Some advice only for print novels, but others suitable for ebooks.
The next section lists books for sale on Amazon, etc. followed by a list of Banner Ad Sites & Prices. I’d suggest checking with the originating site for updated pricing.
Next Charlotte provides links to Places to Buy Stuff for Promo. Some authors such as Stephanie Bond have cool PDFs on their web sites that allow readers to download and print items such as bookmarks and book plates.
Book Marketing in the Digital Age: Online Promotion Made Easy also provides a list of Places to Get your Book Reviewed.
The Book Marketing Maven has such diverse offerings, you’ll just have to check ‘em out for yourself.
The madness will continue. As novelist Robert Anton Wilson said: Only the madman is absolutely sure. Extrapolated to marketing, it means: leave nothing to chance.

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