Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome special guest author Beth Trissel!

Today I'm so pleased to have Beth Trissel as a guest. Beth's had quite a busy month! Her newest release, Through the Fire, is available today from The Wild Rose Press.
Here's what Eliza Knight, published author and HHRW Newsletter Editor, had to say about Through the Fire: "Ms. Trissel has woven a spellbinding, emotionally riveting story of love and adventure. Her writing is mystical, action packed, and heart wrenching, pulling you straight into the thick of it. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey with characters you'll fall in love with, and won't soon forget."
Sounds like another fantastic read! Congrats, and welcome, Beth!

Beth: My third & final release for this incredible month of May is upon me. THROUGH THE FIRE is coming to the Wild Rose Press in digital download and print today, Friday May 22nd at The Wild Rose Press. A fast-paced historical romance novel with a THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS flavor and a mystical weave, Through the Fire has finaled in more contests than any other novel I’ve written including the 2008 Golden Heart ® and it won the 2008 Linda Howard Award for Excellence in Writing.
People often ask which of my novels is my favorite; a tough choice as I love each one best as I’m writing the story, but if I have to choose one, it’s THROUGH THE FIRE. Rebecca is my favorite heroine. She’s angry and grieving at the start of the book and so was I following the tragic death of my youngest daughter’s best friend Garry to a drunk driver. Garry loved history and hearing about the colonial frontier. He would have loved this book, except for the mushy parts, of course. He was like that little boy in The Princess Bride.
Years ago while researching the Virginia colonial frontier, I came across a letter from Governor Dinwiddy to George Washington or Andrew Lewis, one of his other frontier officers, asking what happened to the reinforcements he sent out to an interior fort. That account coupled with a vivid dream inspired the opening of ‘Fire.’
Blurb: At the height of the French and Indian War, a young English widow ventures into the colonial frontier in search of a fresh start. She never expects to find it in the arms of the half-Shawnee, half-French warrior who makes her his prisoner in the raging battle to possess a continent––or to be aided by a mysterious white wolf and a holy man.
Already out at Amazon, Through the Fire will be available at other online booksellers in both digital download and print soon after its release. Local bookstores can order it in. For more on my work please visit


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Beth,
Congratulations on your release. Sounds a great read. Love the cover.

Kathy Otten said...

Hi Beth,
Congratulations on your new release. Sounds like another for my list of books to get. You're so great with historicals and that book trailer was amazing, the music was so powerful and the photos were perfect. One of the best trailers I've ever seen. Makes me want to get it today. Good luck with sales. :)

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks so much, ladies. I put my whole heart into this novel and the trailer took ages, but I'm thrilled that it all came together in time for the release.

Kelly Moran said...

very cool, ladies. grats on the new release. much love and luck always.

Nightingale said...

Congratulations on all your releases! The more I read about Fire the more anxious I am to read it, and with a holiday weekend coming up what better time!

Mary Ricksen said...

Yeah Beth! Congratulations on another successful launch. I hope this one goes over the moon!

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Beth,

This book sounds delicious and I just love the trailer!!

Congratulations on your new release!!

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks for sharing my excitement.
Much appreciated.

Cate Masters said...

Sounds like another great read, Beth! And I love the trailer - and cover - too! Many congrats!