Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amazon's practices questioned again

It never occurred to me that once you download an ebook onto your Kindle, it might disappear for reasons other than mechanical failure. Naively, I assumed it was a one-way transaction.
Apparently Amazon keeps the connection open, as customers who purchased George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm found out. When they looked for their copy on their Kindle, nothing was there. A situation that may reoccur, according to some.
I'm sure The New York Times' David Pogue wasn't the only one to notice the irony of the situation.
As ebooks - and ereaders - gain popularity, it's an issue that will have to be dealt with through policy, if not regulation. Same for ebook piracy, a rising threat to ebook authors and publishers. One I hope will be addressed - including penalties for illegal sharing sites - soon.


Emma Lai said...

Wow! That doesn't seem quite right. Amazon needs a little more control on the other side it seems and less on the customer side.

Cate Masters said...

Yes, it seems to have been the publishers who changed their mind, but that sort of detail should be hammered out in advance!