Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome special guest author Kim Smith!

Please welcome guest author Kim Smith, whose novel A Will to Love, is available through Red Rose Publishing. Welcome Kim!

Recently, I had the privilege of spending time at Grand Harbor Marina at Pickwick Landing on my brother’s sailboat. Let me tell you, it was way too restful.

There is nothing like sitting under a red-faced moon, with a sprinkling of stars overhead and a mild early summer wind a’blowin’ to inspire you to write like nobody’s business.

Funny thing is, I could write on my troublesome WIP, or another story, even one that I just dreamed up as I walked the piers at the marina looking at beautiful watercraft- but, what did I do? I wrote on this blog post, instead.

The purpose of said post? To inspire someone. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and I am she.

I believe truly that you can be inspired just about anywhere at any time, but if you want to REALLY be inspired, get away from your norm.

Leave the house, drive a few minutes away, leave all your interruptions behind. I had no Internet connection at the marina, no telephone service, no nothing but water, sky, seabirds and to some extent, salvation. I finally found enough quiet to hear my muse talking.

That is what we all need. SILENCE. Yes, total utter peace and quiet. If you listen to silence long enough, you will hear the voices begin to speak. I promise you it will happen! And once it does, you better have that laptop or journal handy because there will be some GREAT stuff falling from your fingertips.

Here is a little checklist for your retreat:
1. Take a drive a couple hours away from home. Being alone is not required. I had the captain(my brother) of the Last Resort (the sailboat’s name) with me and he was a great retreat buddy because he read, napped, handed out snacks, and waited patiently for me to go to bed so he could. I am now past midnight writing this to you, filled to the brim with happiness at just being able to THINK clearly and thoughtfully.

2. Get to the place where you need to be in order to create. I like nature. I like silence, or very little man-made noise. The things I hear right now are chimes from the gentle breeze blowing, a whirring of rigging, a fan blowing on me and music of my choice on my laptop. It is wonderful!

3. Sit at your laptop, or notebook, and begin writing something even if it is a blog post to me. Tell me what you hear, what you smell, what you are thinking, what is bothering you. Better yet, begin working on that WIP that you have been putting aside for so long.

4. Don’t overdo it! You want to leave that muse happy, not exhausted!

I hope you find this helpful!


Emma Lai said...

Great suggestions for finding your muse, Kim!

Suko said...

I agree, getting out and doing something different and/or relaxing is a good way to enhance creativity. Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your suggestions. Kim, because I admire your writing I know these ideas work!

Susan Macatee said...

Great suggestions, Kim! We all have so much clutter in our lives, taking up so much of our time and thoughts.

Getting away from it all may just be the answer to freeing up the muse!

Cate Masters said...

I'm with you, Kim. I write best in quiet too! Your post makes me want to get away from it all to a beach, to listen to the waves and the seagulls... ahhh. Right now it's raining here, and the birds are calling - second best. Thanks for a little oasis in the midst of chaos.

Suko said...

Cate, I like that, "little oasis in the midst of chaos". Well said!

Emma Lai said...

I wish we would get some rain here. I love to turn the t.v. off and listen to the sound of a nice storm. How soothing.

Kim Smith said...

Hi everyone! i AM SO LATE! i want to thank Cate for having me on her blog today. I am glad you all liked my post. I hope you get some "away" time to write this weekend!
Happy Friday everyone!