Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great review for Picture This!

Book Wenches reviewed Picture This, and had some great things to say: "Cate Master’s novella Picture This is a story about misunderstandings and second chances. Although a light and quick read, it is well-written enough to grab a reader’s interest and hold on to it... I found myself drawn into the story by the puzzle presented by Ben’s behavior and also charmed by both the story’s touches of humor and its colorful and personable characters. In Sydney and Ben, Ms. Masters has given us a hero and heroine who feel very 'real' and quite human."
Thanks, Book Wenches!
You can read the full review here.
Picture This is available digitally now from Eternal Press and in print from Amazon!
You can view the trailer at:
Here’s the story blurb:
Harrisburg News reporter Sydney Welles writes award-winning, attention-getting news stories. Her career’s on track, but she’d like a little more attention in her personal life. A year ago, she shared a great kiss with Philadelphia Daily News photographer Ben Taylor. Since then, nothing but a string of one-hit wonders. Suddenly, Ben’s back in her life – well, in her newsroom, anyway – but he acts as if he’s meeting her for the first time. Their story assignments throw them into uncomfortably close quarters, but Claudia, her editor, reminds Sydney she’s a consummate professional. She can handle it. Sydney’s not so certain when she and Ben go undercover to expose the mayor for shady dealings and he kisses her again. To keep their cover, he says. The mayor resigns amid shame, and Sydney’s the toast of the town. Two other reporters take an interest in more than her journalistic talents, but Sydney can’t help picturing herself back in Ben’s arms. Will she still want to once she learns Ben’s secret?

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