Friday, August 14, 2009

More great reviews for Going with Gravity!

I love it when email brings good surprises!

The Romance Studio gave 4.5 hearts to Going with Gravity, and a great review.
Here's part of what the review said:
Cate Masters took this plot and worked it into a great work even though it was not a long book. This story covered so much territory and was so compelling I did not want to put it down. The actions taken by the couple, the employers, and the tabloid photographers were so believable. It was as if I was there watching the story unfold. The conflict was great. The sexual encounters were sizzling and the ending was unexpected. There were moments of poignant emotional conflict.

WDRF gave a Memorable Good rating, summing their review up this way: Fast paced and well written this book is a really good summer read and to let you know that romance is still alive and can happen when you least expect it.
What happens is what storybook romances are made of and what everyone hopes for in their lives. But, you will have to read this romantic and heartwarming novel to learn just when and why Allison realizes she might have met the right man, and why Wes made sure to meet her on that fateful flight.

And this weekend, Going with Gravity will be among the books up for Book of the Week! Here's the link. Wouldn't it be cool to be Book of the Week!


Emma Lai said...

Woohoo! Doing the Snoopy Dance for you!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks so much, Emma! Soon I hope to return the favor!