Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hangin' with Tom again

This week, I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Yep, I have confirmation that my entry was received.
But received is not “in,” necessarily. ABNA’s open until Feb. 7, or until they receive 10,000 entries. At that point, only 2,000 entries of the 10,000 received will move on to the next round, proving once again that The First Cut is the Deepest.
James Morrison is new to me, but wow – can he sing:

But I’ll still love you, ABNA, even if I don’t make the first cut.
Why? Well, sure it would be great to make it to that first round, to be the top pick and get the peachy book deal and $15,000 advance.
But even if I only make the first cut, my novel gains exposure. What’s more important – feedback. And if it hangs in there until the second cut on March 23, when the 2000 are winnowed down to 500, a Publisher’s Weekly reviewer will read it. A little scary, swimmin’ in the Big Pond. But as Miley so aptly puts it (hey, don’t laugh, the kid has talent), it’s about The Climb:

And one thing I intend to do is never stop reaching for that next level, to shoot for excellence.
But if I should happen to make that final cut, I’ll be singing along with Rufus (though not nearly as wonderfully melodic, and much happier):

Jeff Buckley does an amazing version too, btw.
But for now, I’m hangin’ with Tom, waiting, once again, to hear. It’s not so bad to wait when I have Tom to see me through.

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