Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Author Spotlight: Mariposa Cruz

Cate: I'm pleased to welcome Mariposa Cruz to the Author Spotlight. Mariposa, will you please share a short bio with us?
Mariposa: Growing up in Northern California, I was either curled up with a paperback or hunched over a notebook writing a story. I live in Reno, Nevada with my teenage son and daughter and one fat cat. I work fulltime as a corporate paralegal.

Cate: Tell us about Howl and where it's available.
Mariposa: Howl is a paranormal romance set in Northern California. It is currently available from The Wild Rose Press.

Cate: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt.
As if Kate Owens doesn't have enough problems as a struggling single mom and paralegal, a brutal animal attack outside her office plunges her into turmoil. At work, she is attracted to her rescuer, Jack Walker, an attorney wary of commitment. Every morning after the attack she awakes drenched in blood beside the body of a mangled stray. Kate's days become a battle to maintain control while her nights are a disturbing blur of dreams. Will Kate's nightly madness harm her young daughter?
Lone wolf attorney, Jack Walker understands the reason for his paralegal's exhaustion and haunted demeanor. Jack has pursued the beast since law school graduation and he knows the creature's relentless thirst for revenge. Can Jack save Kate from her attacker and her own savage nature?

Cate: Love that! What inspired you to write about the theme?
Mariposa: I started writing Howl shortly after we moved to Reno from Northern California. I longed for my own pack of friends and family back in California and that sense of isolation was reflected with Kate and Jack.

Cate: How do you develop your plots and characters?
Mariposa: I'm inspired by events and people in daily life. With shapeshifters, common problems like co-worker spats or that sudden craving before lunch takes on a whole different meaning.

Cate: :) Do you feel as if the characters live with you as you write? Do they haunt your dreams?
Mariposa: My characters haven't haunted my dreams, but they often follow me throughout the day, especially on the drive home from work. It seems sometimes the right dialogue or scene comes to mind the moment I walk away from the computer.

Cate: What's next for you?
Mariposa: I'm currently working on a sequel to Howl and I suspect there are other characters in Haven with stories to tell.

Cate: Any other published works?
Mariposa: I've published short stories, parenting articles and creative non-fiction under my legal name. The past few years I've also written interviews and music reviews for a local weekly.

Cate: Describe your writing in three words.
Mariposa: Edgy, wry, sensual

Cate: Oo, I love that too. :) What’s the most challenging aspect of writing? Most rewarding?
Mariposa: As a single mom to two active teens, my biggest challenge right now is time. Two of the most rewarding aspects about being a writer for me is discovering my characters and seeing the final results in print.

Cate: Who are some of your favorite authors and books? What are you reading now?
“Ladies’ Own Erotica” The Kensington Ladies’ Erotica Society proves that nice girls can bring on the heat.
"The Wolf's Hour" by Robert McCammon--you have to love a Nazi-fighting werewolf.
I just finished “The People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks. All of her characters have an authentic voice no matter what time they’re from.

Cate: Where can you be found on the web?
Mariposa: My blog:

Cate: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?
Mariposa: What draws you to a particular character?

Cate: Thanks for being my guest, Mariposa! Best of luck with Howl.
Readers, let me hear you howl for Howl! :)


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Mariposa and Cate,
Nice interview. Waking up covered in blood, now that certainly would be a worry. Sounds like an intriguing story.


Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds like a great story!! I have to admit though, it took me a minute to get my bearings. LOL The heroine in my new release is Kat Owens, so when I first started reading, and it the name I had a bizarre, wait...what? moment. LOL

I'm putting this on my tbb list! Congrats on the new release!!


P.L. Parker said...

I absolutely loved Wolf's Hour. Wish there was a sequel to that one - or is there and I just missed it. The blurb is great and nice to give lawyers some personality. LOL. I work in a law office as well. Good luck on sales.

Debra St. John said...

Hi Mariposa and Cate,

Nice interview, ladies!

Curled up with a book is one of my favorite places to be, too!

Mariposa Cruz said...

I've had some rough mornings myself, but not as bad as my heroine. :) Thanks for stopping by.

I admit I love the name Katherine and all variations. I guess great minds think alike!

I agree Wolf's Hour is due for a sequel. We can only hope.

Mariposa Cruz said...


Good to see you again. Congrats on the bestseller with TWRP!


Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog!

Cate Masters said...

Happy to have you, Mariposa! It's always fun to start the weekend off with a howl! :)

Emma Lai said...

Hi, ladies! Cate, long time no see. I'm poking my head around the moving boxes so I can stop in and say hi.

Mariposa, what an awesome cover. I love the pose on the hero. Dark and edgy and yummy. I almost missed the heroine.

Anonymous said...
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Cate Masters said...

(sigh) I can see I'm going to have to add a verification thingy. I keep getting spammed. :(

Cate Masters said...

Hi Emma! *waves* Good to see you! Thanks for taking a break from moving to stop in! You're a brave soul. :)

Mariposa Cruz said...

Hi Emmma,

He is yummy isn't he? Rae Monet did a wonderful job.

Thanks for stopping by & good luck with the rest of the move!