Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New review for Design for Life!

Two Lips Reviews gave Design for Life 4 Lips!

Here's what Sal, the reviewer, had to say, in part: "Ms. Masters created a heroine that was determined to see her dreams come true. Ms. Masters also gave the heroine a wonderful value system combined with supportive friends. Overall, Design For Life was a delightful read."

Thanks so much, Sal!

And You Gotta Read Videos included the book trailer for Design for Life in this month's contest!

I would love it if you would vote for #13 at http://yougottareadvideos.blogspot.com/.

Here is the trailer again. Because I dedicated this book to my own Becca, I included some of her high school sketches. My nephew Fred provided the incredible guitar music for this trailer too. And because it's part of The Flower Basket Series at The Wild Rose Press, I used photos of vividly colored flowers. (There's a method to the madness!)

Thanks for your support!


Alice Audrey said...

Nice review!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Alice! It was a nice surprise.