Saturday, April 17, 2010

Upcoming blog tour!

Next month, I begin an 18-stop blog tour through Authors Promoting Authors. Running from May 22 through July 26, this tour will be in support of my two spring releases: Fever Dreams on May 7 from Eternal Press. Initially, Fever Dreams will be an ebook. About a month later, print copies will be available through Amazon.

Still in the planning stages for giveaways, but I'm starting the tour off with an...

Early Giveaway!

I'll kick off the release day celebration on Monday! Visit the Popculturedivas blog and leave a comment there anytime before May 7. I'll announce the winner here on release day.

Freya's Bower will release Angels, Sinners and Madmen as an ebook (release date still TBD, but I'm hoping for no later than the end of May. Finishing up edits right now.). If enough digital copies sell, it may release in print at a later date.

Here's the schedule:

May 22 - Guest Blogging at Nights of Passion
May 28 - Author Interviewed at Conscious Discussions
June 7 - Guest Blogging with Lauren Harvey
June 11 - Author Interviewed at BK Walker Books Etc
June 14 - Guest Blogging at AZ Publishing Services
June 16 - Guest Blogging at Magician of Oz
June 22 - Author Interviewed at Authors By Authors
June 24 - Guest Blogging at BK's Live Journal
June 29 - Guest Blogging with Louise Wise

July 1 - Author Interviewed at Literary Magic
July 5 - Author Interviewed on Blog Talk Radio with BK
July 7 - Author Interviewed by Lisa Jackson
July 8 - Guest Blogging with Alissa Grosso
July 13 - Author Interviewed at Immortyl Revolution
July 15 - SpotLight Feature at BK Walker Books
July 20 - Guest Blogging at Sierra Rose Books
July 22 - Author Interviewed at Paula Zone
July 26 - Author Interviewed by Margaret West

I'm excited, as this is my first official "tour." I'll make a few other blog visits interspersed with these as well, which are listed on my web site.

I'll also be hosting a number of others through Authors Promoting Authors, so I hope you'll visit them on their stop here.


Alice Audrey said...

Wow, and I thought you were busy before.

Cate Masters said...

It's a little crazy. But crazy is good!

Carol L. said...

What a busy tour this is going to be for you. But it's great.I wish you much success with your up and coming releases as well.I'll see you on the tour. :)
Carol L.