Friday, July 16, 2010

Less than two weeks till Angels Sinners and Madmen's release!

I'm so psyched! I can't wait for this release. Angels Sinners and Madmen was such fun to write, but also one of the most difficult because of the research. When we visited the tiny Florida island of Key West years ago, the history of the wreckers really swept me up. These men dove into stormy seas to salvage wrecks under the worst weather conditions imaginable, and without benefit of any diving equipment. According to The Wreckers' Historeum, they could hold their breath up to six minutes.

You can purchase Angels Sinners and Madmen before it's released at Freya's Bower.

Here's a different excerpt:

Acutely aware of his presence beside her, she suspected he had the same effect on other females. “It sounds like your days are very full, Mr. Langhorne.”
He halted, his gaze intense. “Will you never call me Sam? I may be older than you, but not so old to warrant such formality.”
His sudden seriousness took her by surprise. Using his name implied an informality—a familiarity–she wasn’t quite ready to allow. Then again, he’d brought her up from the depths, his strong arms leaving an indelible impression on her skin, one she felt even now. How much more familiar could one get? “Sam.”
He continued walking. “Thank you, Livvie.”
He said it naturally, as though he’d called her that all her life.
She glanced behind them, then ahead. “This is not a quicker route. In fact, I believe it will lengthen our walk.” These streets were new to her. The houses appeared larger, maintained better than those on Duval Street, at least at the end where the Crowells’ boarding house stood.
His brows furrowed as he pressed his lips together. “Hmm. Is that a fact?”
The stern look she tried to affect gave way to a smile. “So. Tell me about Philadelphia.”
“It’s a bustling metropolis where small-minded people live.” His tone had a sharper edge, and he avoided her gaze.
“City life doesn’t suit you?” Livvie’s curiosity got the better of her, one of her father’s chief complaints.
“Not when I could be here instead. The choice between spending my days there, devising means to outwit others, or here, in the glorious sunshine, my life mine to live as I see fit–well, it was the easiest choice I’ve ever made.”
“What do you mean, outwitting others? Were you a thief?”
He laughed. “In a manner of speaking.”
So willing to share certain parts of himself, so reticent to share others. What secrets, she wondered, did Samuel Langhorne hide?
She scrutinized him. “You are a puzzle.” More likely a Pandora’s box, and the temptation to open it grew.


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Deanna Jewel said...

Congrats on the release, Kate! Love the music in your book trailer and best of luck with sales!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks so much Deanna!