Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween fun with Cheryl Pierson

Cate: Please welcome Cheryl Pierson to my special Halloween celebration. Cheryl, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Cheryl: Hi Cate, and thanks for having me! I’m Cheryl Pierson, and I was born and raised in Oklahoma, so everything I write takes place in Oklahoma or Texas, whether it’s contemporary or historical western romance. I have two grown children who live nearby and I’ve been married for 31 years to my own special hero.

Cate: What do you love most about Halloween?
Cheryl: When my kids were little, I loved seeing their anticipation and excitement more than anything—getting them all dressed up and going door to door. Now, I think it’s that Halloween is the “herald” of the season of holidays and fall. A good time to enjoy before Old Man Winter moves in for the next several months.

Cate: I miss those days! Do you have a favorite memory of a Halloween past?
Cheryl: Probably collectively, remembering the Halloween times of when I was growing up in the 60’s. Back then, you didn’t have to worry so much about people doing crazy things at Halloween. I lived in a small Oklahoma town, and a bunch of us kids would all go trick-or-treating together. No store-bought costumes then! We planned our own costumes and sometimes had a bit of help from our moms in making them.

Cate: Have you ever had an unusual experience you couldn’t explain?
Cheryl: I am pretty “open” to the spirit world, I think, and have become more aware of it as I’ve gotten older. There are times, here in my house, when I smell the distinct odor of someone smoking. I will say, that as a child I remember visiting Vicksburg Cemetery, and I felt a “presence” there when I strayed too far from my dad. I remember running to him as fast as I could go, and the adults having a laugh about me being afraid of “something” in the bright sunny daylight. When I worked at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, I saw two different spirits in the halls there. I think because it doesn’t happen often and we are unaware of it, and it takes us by surprise, we don’t believe it when it hits us over the head.

Cate: What frightens you the most?
Cheryl: I think every parent’s worst fear is of something happening to their children. I can’t imagine anything more frightening than that. I can’t watch movies or tv shows with kidnapping in the plot.

Cate: Ever gone on a ghost tour? Or ghost hunting on your own?
Cheryl: No, I haven’t. But I have thought it would be cool to visit the Winchester House. But only as long as I could be close to a door. LOL

Cate: Any favorite Halloween recipes you’d care to share?
Cheryl: I don’t really cook much anymore! LOL Now that my kids are grown and on their own, I pretty much have revolted and don’t cook if I don’t have to. But can I just say, one reason I love Halloween so much is because of its association with caramel? LOL I love those Kraft caramels in the bag. So I guess caramel apples would be my recipe. There is just nothing better sometimes.

Cate: Tell us about your release, and where readers can find it online.
Cheryl: My latest release is called SWEET DANGER and is available in print or e-book version from THE WILD ROSE PRESS.
SWEET DANGER is my first full length contemporary romantic suspense—a departure from my historical westerns. I really enjoy writing both sub-genres, so I won’t be giving one for the other.

Cate: Care to share a blurb or excerpt?
When undercover cop Jesse Nightwalker enters Silverman’s Deli, he doesn't expect to find himself at the mercy of Tabor Hardin, a sadistic murderer he helped put in prison five years earlier. Now, Hardin’s escaped, and he’s out for more blood—Jesse’s.
Lindy Oliver has had her eye on her handsome neighbor for several months. Fate provides the opportunity for them to finally meet when they both choose the same deli for breakfast. Becoming a hostage was not in Lindy’s plans when she sat down to share a pastry with Jesse, but neither was the hot kiss he gave her when bullets began to fly. That kiss seals both their fates, binding them to one another with the certainty of a vow.
But Jesse’s got some hard-hitting secrets. With both their lives at stake, Lindy has a plan that just might save them—if Hardin takes the bait. Will they find unending love in the midst of Sweet Danger?

Lindy looked up into Jesse’s face, scant inches from her own. What would he do? They were somewhat concealed here at the back of the deli, but these men were sporting semi-automatic weapons.
“There’s a back door,” Jesse whispered raggedly. “Get the hell out of here. I’m gonna be your diversion.” She didn’t answer; couldn’t answer. He was likely to be killed, helping her go free. He gave her a small shake. “Okay?”
An interminable moment passed between them before she finally nodded. “Get going as soon as I get their attention.” He reached to brush a strand of hair out of her eyes, his own gaze softening as he leaned toward her and closed the gap between them. “Take care of yourself, Lindy,” he whispered, just before his mouth closed over hers.
The instant their lips touched shook her solidly. Every coherent thought fled, leaving nothing but the smoldering touch of his hot mouth on hers, burning like wildfire through her mind. His lips soft, yet firm. Insistent and insolent. His teeth skimmed her lower lip, followed by his tongue, as he tasted her. Then, he pulled away from her, their eyes connecting for a heart-wrenching second. “A kiss for luck,” he whispered. “Safe passage.”
Lindy didn’t answer, more stunned by the sudden sweet kiss than by the madness that surrounded them. Jesse pushed himself out from under the table and stood up, directly in front of where Lindy crouched. Only then did she hear his muted groan of pain, his sharp, hissing intake of breath. The blossoming red stain of crimson contrasted starkly with the pale blue of his soft cotton chambray shirt as his blood trickled from the bullet wound, soaking the material.
He’d been shot! Lindy gasped softly at the realization. How could she leave him now? He was hurt. Somehow, it didn’t seem right for her to just “escape;” to leave him to deal with these men while he was bleeding and—
Jesse hesitated, and Lindy couldn’t be sure if it was intentional, or if the agony of the hole in his shoulder kept him still for that extra instant before he slowly walked away from the table, his hands up.

Cate: Wonderful! What inspired you to write about the theme?
Cheryl: I had written another contemporary romantic suspense novel that I absolutely loved, but when I submitted it, I was told that there were too many points of view for it to be considered a “romance.” I got wonderful feedback on it and was asked, “Do you have anything else?” So I had had this idea playing in my mind, wondering “what if” this happened. I sat down to write down the idea, and couldn’t stop writing. The book just pretty much wrote itself. Wish they all did.

Just wanted to share my first review for SWEET DANGER. Here's part of what Christy of HEA REVIEWS had to say:
The storyline flowed really well. There weren’t any parts of the book that slowed down or lost my interest. I kept turning page after page to find out what happened next...
I can’t say enough good things about this book. I loved it and would recommend it to all of you who love a good romantic suspense with a happily ever after. I look forward to reading more novels by Ms Pierson. With a heat rating of 2 and 4 ½ Tea Cups, Sweet Danger is a definite recommended read.
Here's the link for the entire review.

Cate: Wow, congrats on that excellent review! Anything else you’d like to share?
Cheryl: I also have a Halloween short story in the Victory Tales Press “Stimulating” version of A HALLOWEEN COLLECTION. The story is also a contemporary and is called ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Check it out here.
THANKS SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME, CATE! It’s always great to be here—you have a wonderful blog.

Cate: Thanks so much for being my guest!


Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Cate!

Thanks for having me here today on your SUPER blog! I love the design for your site. It kind of reminds me of my black light and the posters I had all over my room in the 70's! VERY COOL.

I appreciate the opportunity to visit here with you today, and I will be BACK here on the 28th with some good friends of mine! Thanks again for the wonderful chance to share SWEET DANGER with everyone, along with some childhood and Halloween-y memories and thoughts!


Tina Donahue said...

Great interview, Cheryl - and wow, Sweet Danger sounds awesome. Love the title. :)

Cheryl Pierson said...


Thanks so much--Cate has some awesome interview questions, I think. She's a good friend and lets me get all "wordy." (As I am wont to do sometimes.)

I have had so many people comment on the title for SWEET DANGER--and there's a funny story about that. I had originally called it THE SUGAR RING, because that was Lindy's favorite pastry--and was also Jesse's favorite. The morning that they met, there was only one sugar ring left, and he gave it to her and took something else (very chivalrous!) Anyhow, the editor didn't like the title. So I asked some of my friends to help me think of something, and one of them came up with SWEET DANGER. The minute I saw it, I knew it was the right title for this book.

Thanks for coming by, Tina! Glad to see you here.

Redameter said...

I been reading snippets of this book for some time. Looks like a winner Cheryl. Congrats.

Cheryl Pierson said...


THANK YOU! I hope it does well--I really am still in love with Jesse--it's hard for me to get motivated on my new WIP. LOL

Thanks for coming over and commenting!


Unknown said...

CHERYL--Oh, I love those Kraft caramels, those little squares. And they must be Kraft. No one comes to trick-or-trest where we live, outside the city limits, with houses three-four acres apart and back from the road. It's dark as a dungeon out here--no street lights. For a little kid to trick-or-treat, he'd have to be drive to the door!
My grown son, DIL, and the three boys LOVE Halloween. As it turns out, we're there around that time. If we're there on the actual day, it's wild all day,getting dressed up, going to parties, then back home for T-o-T. We always buy four large pizza and place them on the dining table. They run in, grab a slice of pizze, and back out in the yards. Their neighborhood is full of kids.
Best of luck with Sweet Danger--that cover ought to get attention! Love you--Celia
(hi, Cate.)

Nancy said...

Looks like a great book. I agree the worst thing for a parent is to lose a child. I'm wishing you much success with this book.


LK Hunsaker said...

Hey Cheryl,

My husband has been to the Winchester house and would love to go back and take us. I don't know. Sounds like mice in a maze to me, lol.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Cheryl and Cate,
Happy Halloween and I love everything I've seen about this book. Can't wait to read it.
And it features another wounded hero. You really make life hard for your hunks, Cheryl. LOL

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Cate and Cheryl,

I'm a caramel fan as well, but I like my caramel with a little chocolate. mmmm. I haven't bought my Halloween candy yet - must do that!

I never enjoyed the scary part of Halloween, but I was all about the costumes. I thought it was the coolest thing to change up your wardrobe and be someone else. I think those early Halloween costumes fed my imagination and my muse.

Sweet Danger is vintage Cheryl Pierson. The excerpt shows the pacing and the emotion Cheryl brings, and let me tell you, her entire book will grab you the same way the excerpt does.

Wishing you every success, Cheryl!

Cheryl Pierson said...


Your Halloween time with your grandkids sounds just wonderful, pizza and all! I think I will have Jessica bring Embry over here on Halloween. There are lots of kids in their neighborhood and he will be going crazy with all the "strange people" coming to the door. Over here, we only get a few kids anymore. Used to, we got tons of kids, but anymore, I think it's dying out now that the malls have their candy giveaways and churches have stuff for kids and all. Are you all going up there to visit soon? Have fun!

I am so thrilled with the cover for Sweet Danger. I love the colors and the half-naked guy. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, my dear friend!

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Nancy!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I truly am excited about SWEET DANGER--it's one of those books that was "flowing" as I wrote it, and was a joy to write.

Speaking of a parent losing a child, that's one of Jesse's most horrible fears in this book, since the villain has control over everything in Jesse's world right now.

Thanks so much for coming by and commenting, Nancy!

Cheryl Pierson said...

LOL GIRL! You crack me up. It does sound like "mice in a maze" when you hear about it. Can you imagine actually LIVING in that place? SHUDDER!!!! Thinking about it, I'm not sure I would actually be brave enough to go inside and do the tour. They say all kinds of weird things happen even on the tours. Maybe I'll just stay home! LOL

Thanks for coming by and commenting!

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Becca!

Hey what would life be for those hunks of mine if they didn't have to go through a little something to get the true love of their lives? LOL You know I always give them their HEA, in the end! Love my wounded heroes!!!!I hope you enjoy it when you get to read it!!!

Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! I know how busy you are right now with all the new stuff coming out from Victory Tales Press and Western Trail Blazers! You are amazing and awesome!


Cheryl Pierson said...


Oh, you are a DEAR to say that about Sweet Danger! I have to tell you that SWEET DANGER is one of my most favorite projects I've ever worked on. I am so hoping that it will be successful because it was my first venture into the romantic suspense genre. And because I am totally in love with Jesse Nightwalker. sigh.

I never liked the scary parts of Halloween either. Always loved the costumes and trying to plan what I would be.

Thank you for coming by and commenting, Maggie! I know you are busy with preparations for your own release day coming up SOON for MUDDY WATERS and I hope it is a huge success for you!!!!


Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, Cheryl,
I love Halloween. It's a bittersweet time of year. Summer is gone, everything is dying or going dormant for the winter. It's really not a surprise ghosts seem more abundant this time of year.

I adore the cover of Sweet Danger.

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Keena!

Thank you so much! I love that cover, too. I have been so fortunate in all my covers so far. I know you have a new release coming out soon with The Wild Rose Press--ENTHRALLED!!! I can't wait to get that. You had a great cover for it, too, didn't you?

I agree with you about Halloween. We always know that fall is in full swing when Halloween gets here. I don't know why but I always get more introspective when fall comes.

Thanks so much for popping in!

Cate Masters said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for being part of the Halloween fun! I love that you're still in love with your hero.
Celia, I live in the same type of area. Dark as a dungeon here too! No trick or treaters. But really great stars. :)

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Cate,

Thanks so much for inviting me--I love your blog. Yep, I'm still hung up on Jesse Nightwalker! LOL But it will pass once I really get going on the next WIP.

I remember how dark living in the country can be. But in the summer--those fireflies and stars are just gorgeous!


Sarah J. McNeal said...

Cheryl, I loved your interview here. I can't wait to get my hands on Sweet Danger. If it's anything like your other work, I know it's going to be sensational. Love ya.

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Sarah!

Cate always asks great questions--I love being her guest! Thanks for the very kind words, my friend. I hope you enjoy SWEET DANGER! It truly is one of my favorite projects. Thanks fo coming by and commenting, Sarah!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Cate and Cheryl,
Enjoyed the interview.

I've been to the Winchester House a couple of times. What a maze the house is. Doors opening to brick walls. Stairs leading nowhere. Well worth the visit though.

I wish you the best with your new release, Cheryl. I'm sure it will be a winner. :)

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Karen!

I bet that a trip to the Winchester House is very well worth it. I would like to just see it--wouldn't stay inside for too long. LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by Karen! I hope you enjoy SWEET DANGER.


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Cheryl and Cate,
Great interview. We didn't celebrate Halloween here in Australia when I was a child or when my sons were children, but over the last several years it does seem to be making an appearance here.



Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Margaret!
I always love to hear about holidays in other countries and how they are celebrated. Interesting that you all didn't really do much for Halloween until just recently. Here there are some people who decorate more for Halloween than for Christmas. I have a friend who does that.

Thanks for coming by!

P.L. Parker said...

The blurb was great - really interest catching. Congratulations and wonderful luck with sales.

Cheryl Pierson said...


Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment--glad you enjoyed the blurb and it caught and held your interest!