Sunday, November 14, 2010

At Elaine Cantrell's today

Today I'm visiting with the wonderfully talented Elaine Cantrell at her blog. I hope you'll pop over for a visit so I'm not lonely over there!

Today's also the last day to vote for Wilderness Girl! It's up for August Book of the Month at Dark Diva Reviews.
I'm way behind in votes, so I'd love for you to give Wilderness Girl a boost. You have to scroll down through July, to the bottom of August, but it's there. Here's the link to the poll. Thanks! It's the first time one of my books has had such an honor.

Wilderness Girl is a contemporary humorous erotic romance novel.


Unknown said...

I'll check both places, Cate - and I'll vote (way behind? That's no good, we must rally the troops :) )

Cate Masters said...

Much appreciated Sue! :)