Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's coming up?

This year's BlogFest promises to be better than ever! Have you signed up yet? 

I have! And I'll have some tempting goodies for you. More about that later. (Yes, I'm going to keep you hanging, lol) 

First, you should visit here to sign up your blog. It's free, and there are no minimum requirements. 

Thanks so much to Cinnamon Brown for organizing this fun event!

Also - just a reminder today that Paty Jager's in the hot seat at Author Chat - click on the badge to the right to access it for the next few weeks. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you! She has an exciting new release, a very cool Native American paranormal, so check it out!

I know I'd said earlier that this year, I was going to slow down on blogging. But while my computer time's been very limited due to circumstances, there's still so much going on! I have more news about a new release next week I'm very excited about. More re-releases from previously pubbed stories that I'm putting out myself. Next month will be very busy, especially with Rock Bottom coming out (yay!) from Lyrical Press. In July, more re-releases, plus *another* new release, which I'm also excited (and a little nervous) about. I'll be visiting some blogs of wonderful author friends, and hope you'll visit.

I'm hoping soon to get back to my Writing Tips blog series too. Craft is something at which I work very hard, and now that I'm releasing some stories on my own, it's imperative. Many times, I'll share links about great writing tips on my Facebook page, so if you haven't already clicked "Like," I'd love it if you would now. :) It's very simple - click the Like button at right! Thanks so much.

And by the way, I've made it easy for you to see all my Blog Series  - just click the tab above! I'll add links as I post them. Hope you enjoy it!


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