Friday, September 9, 2011

Back into the wild

Yay! The rights for Wilderness Girl have returned to me, and I'm reissuing it on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle (just waiting on Amazon to make it available).
This was a very fun novella, and its touch of humor make it a little different than the usual erotic romance. I did tone down the graphic language a bit, but Hank and Dana's story is still as steamy. :)

I was so proud when Wilderness Girl was named a 2011 EPIC finalist.
A reviewer said: “I loved this story for one main reason- it's why I love romances. The story was so fun. It was also filled with hot and steamy sex scenes, and the figuring out how this relationship will work stuff.

 I always think I like longer books, but the length on this one was just right. Enough to read in one sitting, but filled with everything I needed or wanted to know. Ms. Masters can write a story filled with all the ingredients for a good erotic, romance in my book.”

Careful, this story may make you want to go, um, camping. :) Get into the wild!

Though wait till the weather calms down. On a more serious note, I feel blessed that my home hasn't sustained damage in the crazy weather we've been having. The city of Harrisburg is shut down, the Pennsylvania Turnpike is closed for most of the way between here and my hometown in New Jersey, which is located on the banks of the Delaware River and taking a huge hit right now. We definitely didn't need another twelve inches of rain after Irene saturated us with rain. So please send your good thoughts to the folks who've been hit hard by this.