Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An avalanche of freebies

I have to admit, I'm a book junkie. I love them. I buy them. They sit on my bookshelves (one in the living room, another in my office, a smaller one made by hubby to double as a bedside nightstand -- all stuffed to the gills), and now on my Kindle (last count, 271 items).

How did I amass such a treasure trove of books? Freebies, mostly. Especially for the Kindle. A few print were actually free as well. Our local YMCA has a book exchange, and I picked up one or two there while leaving a few copies of my own books. :)

Amazon has a running list of titles available for free. Publishers have been making titles free, so I snatch them up. Authors hold giveaways and "free for a day" events, so I grab those too.

It's becoming overwhelming. I have so many books, there's no way I can ever read them all. Reading time's hard won for me, and it takes a back seat to my writing time. This Murderati post says it best.

Having a Kindle makes it easier to sneak in a read here and there, but actually finishing something? It feels like a victory when I do.

So is making your books free a good idea? Many say yes. I would agree, with a caveat: free for a limited time. Otherwise, they're just out there with the limitless number of other freebies, alone and desperate, thinking of joining Freebies Anonymous.

I have stopped commenting on authors' blog posts with giveaways because I know I will never have time to read it. I love to support them, but I already have a ton of book giveaways that I haven't gotten to, and someday I need to finish them and post reviews. I'm just overwhelmed, but yet I keep downloading freebies.

How do you feel about freebies? Seriously, consider this an informal poll. I need to know - would you download my dark paranormal, Dancing with the Devil, when I make it free for a few days around the end of March?  Thanks!


Marva Dasef said...

I'll do the comment to win thing if I'm very interested in reading the book. I'll end up buying it if I don't win.

My last free books will be distributed between March 17th through 25th. Three days for each book freebie on Amazon. After that, I'll still give away books on a new release, but free books won't be publically offered (of course, friends and acquaintances get freebies for the asking).

Angela Brown said...

I usually consider freebies for books that I'm not sure I'll get a chance to read right away. It sort of eases the pain of paying for it and not being able to get to it right away. But so many kindle titles of interest are lower priced so that pain is hardly a bump on the arm.

Actually, I've slowed down quite a it on the books I'm getting because I have a stack sitting beside me that have yet to be read. Somehow I even ended up with two freebies of the same book and no idea how that happened lol!! Heck, I'm so behind that I bought The Clockwork Prince with every intention to devour it that day. That was the end of last year. Um...not sure what to say about that lol!!

Cate Masters said...

I do want to nab a few more of yours, Marva. :)

I feel terrible that I have so many books and so little time to read them. I wish I could read them by osmosis, Angela!