Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Supernatural Saturday wrap-up

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Supernatural Saturday event planned by Debbie Beamer of the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop. It was an intense but wonderful day, and hopefully Deb will be able to hold another next year, maybe in another haunted location. :)

Deb invited me to be part of a panel of authors for a session called "Werewolves, Zombies, Apparitions and the Gates of Hell." Pretty much covers the paranormal, doesn't it? (At least I thought so, before the other sessions!)

That's us, above - Jennifer Harlow, Larry Kerr, Regge Episale, George R. Appelt, Jr., me, and Dennis Royer.

Dennis Royer moderated the panel, and asked some great questions. I didn't take notes for this one, but hopefully it was as much fun for the audience as it was for the participating authors.

I knew Dennis and George Appelt, Jr. from my Pennwriters days, years and years ago. I was very excited Dennis finished a post-apocalyptic novel, Earthburst, and had copies there. I snapped one up, naturally.

Likewise with George's release, Shepherd's Fall, a horror novel. I'm looking forward to reading both!

Jennifer Harlow's books look like fun reads, but unfortunately my funds ran out!

Regge Episale's Waking Up Dead looks interesting as well. Striking and beautiful black and white cover, isn't it?

Larry Kerr is a bit like me - he writes a little of everything. His latest is a werewolf tale, By the Light of the Moon.

George and I hung out with Patty Wilson afterward to hear more stories about demonic possession - the thing that scares me the most!

By the way, if you own a ouija board, toss it out. Better yet, burn it. I had no idea Toys R Us still sold them! I thought they were long gone. Patty said it causes more problems than anything because people call upon spirits and have no clue how to handle it when they respond

So that's the wrap-up. Debbie Beamer's planning another Mystery Conference in September. Keep an eye on the events page of the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop's web site's events page for details! Last year's conference was also wonderful.


Dennis Royer said...

Cate, I've enjoyed reading your recap blog entries. That was a fantastic conference.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Dennis! And thanks for such a great job moderating the panel. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Toys R Us sells Ouija boards? What the heck are they thinking?!

Cate Masters said...

Yep, I checked their site. It comes in glow in the dark colors, mwahahaha!