Monday, September 10, 2012

Warp speed ahead

I didn't think it possible but at this rate, Autumn may be more of a blur going past than summer was. There's a crazy lot o'stuff going on!

First, the blog tour for Death Is A Bitch is really coming together. I'm so grateful to Bewitching Book Tours for arranging it all so quickly. I spent the weekend preparing blog posts, and starting Sept. 17, Death will be off and running! Or flying actually seems more appropriate. Death does wear gold stilettos, after all. :) The tour ends Sept. 24.

It will, however, overlap with  the TRS End of Summer Bash, which runs from Sept. 19 through 22.

Next, the Halloween event took on a life of its own. Once I put word out, I was deluged with requests from authors. So the three-times-per-week blogging schedule went right out the window, and I now have guest authors every weekday in October. Whew! It'll be crazy but so much fun. I absolutely love Halloween! In addition to interviews, I'll share some Halloween videos, spooky tales and superstitions, recipes and maybe throw in a few giveaways of my own.

I'm joining in a blog hop for Banned Books Week, so watch for that from Sept. 26 through Oct. 6. (Another overlap, adding to the craziness. Please bear with me!)

Yes, I am definitely crazy but I'm also joining in two Halloween blog hops, with more giveaways. Hey, that's what the holiday's all about - treats!

By the way, I found my special Halloween event "greeter" in the Microsoft images that came with my computer. Isn't she cool? :) Just don't make her angry. You won't like her when she's angry! Maybe you should plan on visiting throughout October...

Writer Friend's News
Congrats to Lorrie Unites-Struiff on A Heap of Trouble!
I had the pleasure of critiquing Lorrie's story, so can honestly recommend this fun read - not your usual Western historical. Stories of redemption are always easy sells for me, and this story gives that to readers for both the hero and heroine.

Cole Walker, Sheriff of Cold Creek, has more woes than he can handle.

He thought chasing rustlers would be the worst of his problems, until Mattie Wells, the new gal in town, jingles his spurs with just a smile, and he falls head over heels.

Then he finds a runaway monkey under his desk, and his inclination is to get rid of him. Cole has this fear of critters that goes back a mighty long way, so the sooner the better.

But Mattie thinks Beggar’s adorable, so what’s a man supposed to do? Now, he’s forced to put up with the little fur ball...uh...ringtail monkey, even when the furry thief starts stealing the townsfolk’s trinkets.

Then there’s the matter of the cattle rustlers who keep stealing the Double J’s cattle. JJ blames the farmers, the farmers don’t like JJ, and an all-out war is about to commence.

Cole and his deputies, Wade and Sully, have their hands full trying to keep the uneasy peace between the farmers and the cattleman. As if that’s not enough pressure, Mayor Farley gives them a month to find the thieves before he calls for outside help.

Cole’s trying to win Mattie’s heart, but the little lady has a dark secret and vows never to marry. While harboring a secret of his own, Cole tries to pry out her secret, in hopes of changing her mind.

Cole chases Mattie, the rustlers, and Beggar in a town full of fun characters and chaos.

Can he bring the rustlers to justice, peace and order to Cold Creek, the townsfolk’s loot back to their rightful owners, and win Mattie’s heart?

Yep, Cole has a heap of trouble on his hands.

Releases Friday from MuseItUp Publishing, but you can preorder it on sale! Go lasso a copy!

Thanks to all who downloaded Angels, Sinners and Madmen
It climbed to #16 on the Historical Fiction bestseller list, and #20 on the Historical Romance bestseller list.  Readers in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy and France downloaded copies - such a thrill! And a real thrill to see it on the bestseller list. I hope you enjoy reading it! I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Finally, thanks for visiting me at Author Roast and Toast
Those hostesses know how to throw a bash! It's always a blast to visit there.
Congrats to lavendersbluegreen, who won the giveaway of ebook of A Midwest Summer Night's Dream, my Western historical with a Shakespearean twist. If I've piqued your interest, you can learn more here.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's awesome it's all coming together! I'll plug your tour next week when it begins.

Cate Masters said...

Yikes, that is next week, isn't it? I'm not as prepared as I thought, lol

Cate Masters said...

But thanks for the plug Alex! (I'm scatterbrained more than usual today)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

How do you keep it all straight? You are something else.

LD Masterson said...

I'm blown away by all you're doing. Hope everything comes together perfectly for you.

Cate Masters said...

How straight it will be remains to be seen, Susan, lol

Thanks, Linda! Good wishes help. :)