Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I hear the universe laughing

Goals? Did I mention I had a few I intended to conquer? Unfortunately, the universe apparently read the last post. Now two grandboys and I are on antibiotics for strep.

*note to self: do NOT list goals online again. Or even speak them aloud*

So this is going to be short, but sweet. :)

First, I have a Kensington author page now. So it seems a little more real.

And oh yes! A release date for Goddess, Awakened - July 7. *happy dances* I can't wait to see the cover!

I've made zero progress on the WIP. Next week, I swear. Crit peeps, I hope you're ready. Willing and able would help, too. Unless... oh Joss Whedon, I think you're right...

Do you ever get to a point in your story where you just want to rip it to shreds? The old "kill your darlings" in action?

I'm approaching that point. It's part of the reason I haven't finished yet. I'm hoping the clouds will part for a brilliant beam of inspiration to knock me on my butt, slap my face and say, "That's what's wrong. Fix it."

The universe can be so helpful sometimes, can't it?


Maria Zannini said...

Strep sucks!

I'm so sorry you guys are down with it. I know how miserable it is.

Take care. It can take a long time to recover fully.

Cate Masters said...

I feel like such a whiner! I hate to keep posting "we're sick here" but it does impact online activity. I think half our problem is we're breathing the same stale air all winter and need some warmth and sunshine.

Maria Zannini said...

Re: I feel like such a whiner!

Absolutely not. I know you feel bad. All you can do is wait for it to run its course.

You're right though. Being cooped up doesn't help the situation.

Hope you feel better soon.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Maybe when you feel better it inspiration will hit you.

Cate Masters said...

Maria, I felt like even more of a whiner after reading your post! You're a wonder woman, birthing goat kids and taking care of sick dogs (hope Tank's holding his own).

Thanks Susan.

LD Masterson said...

I hope you're feeling better soon - both your throat and about your WIP.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Linda. Slow and sure, like the turtle.

DMS said...

I hope the grandkids are feeling better! Strep is NOT fun!

I hope the universe sends you an epiphany about your current WIP! You deserve it. :)

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Jess! We're nearing the end of our 10-day antibiotic run, so fingers crossed no new bugs find us, lol

Stephanie Faris said...

YAY, congrats on the author page. When it starts appearing online everywhere, it's weird. My book showed up on Amazon, Goodreads, and all kinds of places and I only knew by Googling the book title, so keep Googling. Even my Publisher's Weekly review was a huge surprise.

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