Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An early case of pre-release jitters

Yep, it's set in already. The jitters. Maybe because June has flown by so quickly (what? It's already half over?) and July 7 is fast on the heels of July 4, and I'll be away that weekend. So I'm prepping like crazy, doing whatever I can do ahead of time.

Book Promotions by Literary Nook is arranging a review tour, about which I'm very excited (and yes, a little jittery).

I'm somewhat perturbed that I found a similar-sounding book on a review site I visited today. The premise is very much like my Goddess Connection books, which have been around for several years but initially as self-pubbed books. The July release will, hopefully, be only the beginning of a long and happy series of goddesses. I'm 45k into the next one, and intend to rework Dancing With the Devil after that.

Things have been especially crazy around here this week. I'm hoping they calm down soon so I can get back to work.

What's new in your world? Are you ready to officially kick off summer?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You are going to be a very busy lady. Hope things calm down for you soon.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Everything will go fine! Don't worry about that other book.

Nina Crespo said...

Congratulations on your upcoming book. I understand completely, but don't forget to enjoy the moment. You deserve it!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks guys! It's great to know you're all out there lending support. :)

DMS said...

I am so excited for your release! I can understand why you are getting stressed out, but I know everything will go fine. There will always be similar books that bother us writers- so try to put it out of your mind! :)

Cate Masters said...

I know, Jess. Panic is illogical, lol. I can't wait for this to finally release!