Sunday, February 12, 2017

Get your goddess on for just 99 cents!

Today's my birthday! But Kensington is giving you all a gift - they put Goddess, Awakened on sale! So now it only costs 99 cents to get your goddess on. Pretty sweet, huh?

Reviewers have been pretty sweet to this story, too.

"I loved the mix of mythology in this one.  Several more minor characters were mentioned and it was great to see them have even a tiny bit of the spotlight (I especially loved Tisiphone).  There is a ton of adventure and there were times I thought Cate Masters wouldn't be able to pull off a HEA because things were so crazy.  There is a pretty great battle scene that I couldn't tear myself away from" - Bitten by Romance

Author Cate Masters breaks so many tropes I could hardly keep up with her. But the good news is that this is just the first book of the Goddess Connection series. I can't wait to see where else Cate Masters takes us.” – The Romance Reviews

"Cate Masters takes her readers on a wild roller-coaster of a ride in Goddess, Awakened. From start to finish, readers will love the story of Jocelyn Gibson, a unique character who is sassy and easy to relate to." - Bitten by Books

"As this is the first in this series, I’m anxious to discover what other adventures Ms. Masters will write, what other women she’ll introduce, what other men these women will encounter and love. Beautifully written and thoroughly engaging, Goddess is a keeper and Ms. Masters is an author I’ll be looking for more to read from" - Amazon reviewer M. Smith

Grab your copy while it's hot!



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