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Death Is A Bitch - dark paranormal

Death Is A Bitch
Dark Paranormal
Revised, expanded edition now available!

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Eternity can suck when it’s all work, work, work. Death harvests souls even when they stack up faster than pancakes in an all-you-can-eat-buffet. No wonder she can’t shed the Grim Reaper rep.
As the patron angel of death and dying, Azrael works closely with Death but is dying for true intimacy. She’s the only immortal who’s ever aroused such powerful emotions in him. One taste of her leaves him needing her like humans need air and food, but will a demon’s lies leave a bad taste?
No one escapes Death – except King Sisyphus. Twice. With the help of Damien the demon, Sisyphus tries again, and she’s determined to have justice. Some say Death’s a bitch, but only when she has to be. But will the price of justice be a broken heart?

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Oct 25, 12

5 of 5 stars false

"Death Is A Bitch" the first novel I have read by the awesome Cate Masters and I am definitely now a huge fan. This is a book that has all that you could ask for in the paranormal world, plus some! Ms. Masters weaves an enthralling story, linking both heaven & hell together, in this intriguing novel on the unknown world of where one goes after death, who judges our sins and finds us to be lacking or not. She puts a spin on it that you wouldn't expect to see and it works out into a beautiful book, full of grace, humor, drama, love & adventure..
Death... A beautiful, breath-stealing, angel... No, really! Death is portrayed as a strong, willful & hardworking entity with whom you will immediately fall in love with, thru her hard times & her witty sarcasm and her unrequited love... For another angel, Azrael, a gorgeous, sexy mouth-watering patron angel of death & dying... Can these two escape the bonds placed on them and manage to overcome heaven, hell and a vengeful demon and still fall in love? You have to grab this novel & check it out!
An amazing take on the "other" worlds and the "other" entities that may reside out there with us, "Death Is A Bitch" is a stimulating breath of fresh air in the world of paranormals! Give the beautiful Cate Masters a whirl and check her books out!

Nov 06, 12

5 Stars and 4 Flames
The quote is "Life is a bitch and death is her sister." Well in this book, that is very true but trust me, you have never seen Death portrayed quite like this. She is (Ha! First surprise, right - She?) one smart, exotic, determined, type-A personality, spiked-heel-wearing being. Achilles heel? Azrael, the Patron angel of Death and Dying - one beyond hot, breathtakingly sexy angel if I do say so myself.;) Believe it or not, they are the 'good' guys. Of course, there is also your resident demon, Damien (oooh baby!), and a snide, powerful King (Sisyphus who I like to call Syphilis) among others. Now with all of these demons, angels, Gods, and immortals, you might be thinking Mt. Olympus-type mythology but noooo...try modern day world. Big business. Bosses, Directors, employees, meetings, Mojito's and the like. Throw in a little tryst, a love triangle, some tasteful sex and you have Death is a Bitch.
The Good: Death. Azrael. Damien. All three make up 'The Good' in my book. I love that Cate Masters chose to turn away from the traditional Grim Reaper and make Death a sizzling beauty with smarts and flair. The love of her life, Azrael is your quintessential flawed hero...stammering, halting, and having less than pure thoughts, especially when around Death. And then there is Damien. Oh how I do love the Bad Boys. He, of course wants Death all to himself and is none too pleased to see her in the arms of Azrael. How does he soothe himself? Why, in the arms of any woman he can find. Yup, typical Bad Boy self defeating behavior. The best part of this book overall? The humor. So much of it is tongue-in-cheek and I snickered and giggled my way through the entire book.
The Bad: As has been my complaint frequently with novella's, oh how I wish this book was longer!! The story was really picking up steam just when it was time to end it. Something of a let-down I suppose. Nevertheless, Death is a Bitch left me with a smile on my face.
The Snuggly: Ahh foreplay.... Except for a while, it seemed like that was all that we were going to 'see'. It was wonderful, don't get me wrong and very tastefully done and sometimes, that is really nice. Of course, sometimes it's nice to have the 'oh-baby-take-me-right-here-on- the-desk' sex too. Of course, leave it to my resident Bad Boy to - ahem - rise to the occasion. Trust me, by the time the story is over, you will be completely satisfied.;)
Final Thoughts: Cate has a gift for making the traditional non-traditional and the day-to-day, well, exciting and funny. I loved reading this book. I was always curious what was next and who would show up. Much to my pleasant surprise, the story even took me to one of my favorite places, Paris. You will find all sorts of little surprises in here. Now this certainly is not for anyone under 18 but I highly recommend it to anyone needing a respite from everyday life. Lovers of Romance, Mythology, Paranormal and Mirth will enjoy Death is a Bitch.

Gaele, I Am Indeed Reviews

Sep 15, 12

5 of 5 stars false

Death really isn’t a bitch – she is a delightfully complete being with a Type-A personality and control issues, in desperate need of a vacation and a man to love. Azrael is the director of one division of the corporate behemoth that oversees the world, and is delightfully tongue-tied and uncomfortable around women; particularly Death.
Written with clever insertions of humor, well-developed characters with their own unique voices, traits and foibles, Cate Masters has created an intriguing story that combines the legends and myths of old into a modern-day setting, complete with overlarge corporations, management meetings, tattoo parlors, courts of law and the occasional cameo appearance by other gods, demi-gods and demons.
Humor is everywhere in the story – from an overly coiffed majordomo to Hades, to Hypnos always arriving in bunny slippers, even at the nightclub: the descriptions and details are certain to delight. It was a one sitting book for me, while short it demanded each page be turned and read. I can only hope that more in this series are scheduled – for it was simply delightful – suitable for many readers.
I received an eBook copy from author for purpose of this review for FMB Tours, I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Oct 28, 12

5 of 5 stars false

A sensual and rather steamy rendering of one version of “Death mythology,” here Death is a lovely woman who takes souls only at the point of demise, and only after they are aware of the opportunity to “sell their souls” to the demon Damien. A different and imaginative approach to “Death” and the afterlife, this novella will appeal to readers who enjoy their stories both romantic and steamy.

The Ebook Reviewers

Death is extremely overworked, the souls are starting to back up. Azrael rose in the ranks until he was Death's superior. A spark has always been between them, when finally they come together as one and a demon comes between them.

Death is a Bitch is beautifully written, stunning and memorable characters. Legions of angels, groups of demons, and Greek legends wind perfectly together. It's a beautiful romance. A classic romance with calm love scenes. Personally I would group this as an New Adult, perfect for 18-24 crowd.
I loved it, it was perfect, I give it 5 stars!

Jody's review

Sep 24, 12

4 of 5 stars false

Who knew immortals had such complicated love lives? In Death is a Bitch, Death is wanted by two immortals, one who will stop at nothing to have her and one who gets tongue-tied in her presence who just happens to be her new boss. What ensues is non-stop action, a moment of short and sweet revenge, and some steamy immortal lovin'.
Death has always been dedicated to her work of collecting souls without giving herself moments of happiness. There are plenty of men attracted to her though for her exotic looks, one who will especially do the unexpected to have her. Death is a strong female who doesn't show emotions very often nor rely on a man for comfort, but her new boss Azrael has her thinking naughty thoughts that she fights at first. Once they're finally on the same page some steamy otherworldly encounters occur that angers fellow demon Damien and has him hatching a plan that Death has to use all her strength to escape from. What doesn't kill her though makes her stronger as she soon has even more powerful and efficient tools of the trade to make her even better at her job and reaping revenge.
Azrael is good at business but not so good at wooing the woman he loves. His words always seem to insult her and it's only through actions instead of words that he's able to win her over. He's a quiet character for the most part but deadly in a fight, and especially vicious when he's lied to and hunting the demon gone wild. Seeing this side of him after the quiet moments of support he showed towards Death made him a formidable and worthy hero.
The villains in this story have differing degrees of success with Damien clearly the more villainous of the two. Death fears revenge from Sisyphus but from what I see there's not much to fear as he has trouble adjusting to the modern world. Damien is devious and wants Death only for himself, even though he spends the entire book going from woman to woman. The fact that he can't have her just makes him want her even more and just when you think he's learned his lesson a whole new slew of possibilities erupts.
This was an entertaining story based in the unique world of immortals, gods, and demons and though it never digs deep it still kept me steadily turning the pages to see what happened next. With a strong and sexy lead couple and intriguing secondary characters this story kept me on the edge of my seat with high hopes for any future books. Fans of the paranormal will find this story surprisingly unique and a worthy addition to the genre.

Nov 04, 12

4 of 5 stars false

When a book involves Angels and Demons...I am always up to reading it and I am glad I found "Death is a Bitch" through FMB Blog Tours. I also have found another Author, who sucked me into the story from the beginning to the very end.
"Death is a Bitch" is about Death, who is an Angel, who collects everyones souls once they are about to pass away. She has a very tiring job and sometimes it is hard to really find some down time.
Azrael, who is another Angel, that works closely to Death sometimes, has never really fell in love before until he gets one night of passion with Death that makes him crave her even more.
Death even starts having feelings for the sexy, Azrael, that she is having a hard time forgetting him as well.
All of a sudden, Death is dealing with her past again with one soul that escapes Tartarus, thanks to the demon, Damien, who has an hidden agenda with helping King Sisyphus. Damien has always had it bad for Death, and to prevent her happiness with Azrael, he will do anything to get Death to himself...even lie to Azrael.
"Death is a Bitch" is a very entertaining book about Heaven and Hell and how it is never a good thing to mess with Death because she always gets her justice in the end. It may take her awhile, but when she does...there is no looking back.
It also helps when she has strong parents who have connections themselves to help her out.
Azrael is one sexy Angel who definitely captured my interest the minute he was described. He did piss me off during a part of the book. He believed a lie about Death and he should have known better.
Cate Masters definitely has a fan now after reading this book and I plan reading more of her books real soon. I loved her writing style and I definitely loved her take on Angels and Demons.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves the paranormal romance genre and loves reading about Angels and Demons. You'll definitely enjoy this take on the "Grim Reaper", who is Death, and her sexy love interest, Azrael. You'll probably even like the bad guy as well, Damian. I did feel kind of sorry for him...just a little bit. In the end though, he got what he deserved.
I received a complimentary copy of "Death is a Bitch" for the Virtual Book Tour brought to you by FMB Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Proserpine's review

Nov 08, 12

4 of 5 stars false

I really loved this story, I was eager to read a good story about Death (as a girl, thank you!) and I was pleased from the first page until the last word! This is a big blog tours, with more than 20 bloggers so I'll do it easy peasy!
The story in general: the mix of Greek mythology and Biblical legends. The plot was pretty interesting and I liked Damien's twisted mind!
Azrael: the angel of death hurray! Do I need to explain??? Well maybe, since you probably didn't read this book! Azrael is the angel is charge of death but he's also in love with the stunning Death herself. He's kind of cute when he's with her but also a dark warrior in darkest armour!
Damien: the ultimate bad boy, oh yeah! I liked this character! He was bad to the bone, he seems to be the sex god that every girl fall for and damned theirs souls for his own pleasure! Awesome.
Death: lovely character, I liked the description of her hard work. I liked the fact that the author: Cate Masters, took the time to explain and integrate this important part of Death work in this story. Ms. Masters could have easily skipped this part, but to her benefit, she didn't do it!
Oouuff, Unlikes with ''s''... I think there is just one thing I didn't like in this story and it's a pretty personal aspect. You should judge by yourself for this one because I was kind of fall into an over-reading and I wasn't into reading (anything at all) for a time.

Novareylin of My Seryniti

Nov 05, 12

4 of 5 stars false

Another Death personified and I love it. Honestly when it’s done well Death is normally my favorite character. This book is no exception.
The Death here is not really a bitch though, she’s a strong, hard working woman who will do anything for her job, who falls in love and is spurned. Is sad and fabulous and great all at the same time. Death already pushes people away and what happens in her love life just makes her believe that she was always doing the right thing but everyone needs someone right?
My favorite part of this particular Death is her bracelet. What a neat idea for her tools. She states early on that she is not a scythe wielding warrior, oh no. A bracelet with chains and traps, etc will suit her just fine. She also has a tattoo that tells her when she is supposed to take souls, another brilliant addition and definitely something else that makes this Death different from all the others.
What must it be like to share a life with someone? Even so short a life as a human’s? These two made her envious of thier time together, obviously filled with love.
She touched the tattoo to seal it. “I shouldn’t have summoned her.”
Wiping away the tears, Harry stiffened and seemed to draw upon an inner well of strength. “I’m glad you did. It’s just hard to let her go again.” His jaw trembled but he clamped it toghter.
Unable to say more, Death nodded. She sat with him a moment, sharing the solemn moment with him. Only when his roommate gurgled his final breath did she release his hand.
Silence issued from the other bed. The man’s spirit rose up and floated near her. Heaving a breath, she sent him a sad smile.
Harry held up a hand. “See you soon?”
She nodded before whisking the soul away. Sometimes, this job held equal parts pleasure and pain. --- Excerpt from Death is a Bitch

The other characters in this story are just as thrilling. Sysiphus is included as well as Hypnos who is Death’s sister. I really liked Hypnos, she has the best in mind for her sister and always is trying to get her to do something other than work. Who knew Death could just go out and have a drink? And Hypnos is just plain fun!
The plot of the story is interesting. I would definitely put this somewhere in the genre of paranormal romance which are always fun for me. I just can’t help myself, these are like my guilty pleasures in life and Death is a Bitch is no exception! The ending fits perfectly with the rest of the story and really makes you realize that even Death should have a happy existence!

Sep 18, 12

4 of 5 stars false

Death may be a bitch, but I really like her. I liked this book from page one. The characters are very well written and like-able. Death is a strong female lead, really, would you expect anything less. I mean she is Death after all. The mix of angels, demons, and mythology mesh really well. The story is fast paced and kept me wanting more. I fell in love with "the bad guy", Damien. Any author that can make me feel something for the villain deserves high praise! This book was just too short! The ending was wrapped a little too nicely for me. It felt anti climatic. But don't worry, it didn't take anything away from the book. I would love to see what happens next! I look forward to reading more of Cate Master's work.
I received this book from the author/publisher/tour company for review!

Donna's review

Oct 07, 12

4 of 5 stars false

This was a short, quick read. But really enjoyable. I was hooked from the beginning.
The Death in this story is not your typical hooded figure with a scythe. She is an immortal but tries to have mercy for those that deserve it. She knows its their time and their souls have to be taken but tries to do it peacefully. Only when they argue is it more difficult, then she has a cool bracelet bag of tricks to handle the situation.
Azrael is the one in charge of Death's division. And has had a crush on Death for a long time, but unsure how to act on it. Luckily for him Death feels the same way. Just when it seems like they might overcome their hesitations Damien shows up and starts trouble.
If you are looking for a quick paranormal that is well written and fun to read. Check this one out. I am looking forward to more from the author and hopefully entering this world again.

Romancing the Darkside

Beautiful, dark and sexy!
Work for Death is never easy, especially when you're always on call. As the most feared angel, Death spends her days reaping souls and has no time for romance. As her superior, the angel Azrael longs for an emotional connection with Death, the only woman who's sparked his interest. Working closely with Azrael has made her vunerable and when a tempting demon who doesn't take no for an answer turns to her enemy for revenge, Death is forced to show just how dangerous she can be.
First I must congratulate Ms. Cate Masters for giving us a female angel of death, I thought this concept was brilliant! Death is a powerful and strong heroine who isn't afraid to also show us her vulnerability and even has a sense of humor through it all. It's impossible not to feel a connection to her and the emotional responsibility she's faced with. I feel the romance between Death and Azrael is a little subdued for my taste, but the chemistry is unquestionable. The angel vs. demon theme adds a little suspense that keeps you on edge. Damien is the quintessential villain but I couldn't help but feel a bit of sympathy for his character, I can't say this happens to me with every bad guy but kudos to Ms. Masters for invoking this sentiment.
Death is a Bitch is a short but compelling story that captures your l with its originality. Immortality, love and betrayal lay the foundation for an unpredictable and exciting read. This is truly a well crafted story with beautiful imagery set in a complex paranormal world of angels, demons, and gods that's sure to delight readers.

My Rating

Close Encounters of the Night Kind

This was an incredibly cute a funny read!!  I loved the slight bit of ironic humor that flowed throughout this story.  This book is actually about Death, portrayed as a being, who falls in love with her boss.  It blends together a lot of different mythologies which actually make a great story!  I will be looking for more form this author.  I really recommend this book!!  Great Read!!

Not Now, Mommy’s Reading

Death is a Bitch is a paranormal twist on the classic love triangle.  Death and Azrael are into each other, but little do either of them know Damien has his eyes set on Death. But when Death doesn't return his feelings he sets out to win her affections whether she wants to give them to him or not. His means to get Death's attention is to use King Sisyphus to lure Death away from Azrael and foster distrust between the two.

I really like Death. She was a strong woman but there were scenes where her compassion for the souls that she harvested came through. She was kinder and gentler than what you would think Death would be. 
King Sisyphus was my favorite though. As I read about him I kept thinking, "be careful what you wish for - you just might get it". He wanted to escape his eternal punishment so bad, but once he escaped he hated it and wanted to go back! All in all, it was a pleasurable read and I think that if you're into paranormal love triangles with a little bit of dark kink...this is the book for you.

Sep 20, 12

3 of 5 stars false

It actually got 3 1/2 stars.
There was a lot of potential with this book. It had an interesting premise. The title is awesome! The cover is GORGEOUS! The blurb is intriguing. The book had a lot of things going for it and it really, really, REALLY almost got four whole stars.
First of all, the imagery was amazing! I do SO love gorgeous scenery! Ms. Masters did NOT disappoint here. From the congregation of death dealers to the places on Earth, Ms. Masters' descriptions of setting and place left me feeling like I'd been transported somewhere else.
The sex was tasteful. It left me feeling warm. It wasn't raunchy. I gotta give Ms. Masters props for that. Now, don't get me wrong. I do love some great, monkey-swinging action, but a tastefully written sex scene is quite refreshing.
I really think Ms. Masters can go places with her writing. People, when I tell you this woman can craft a gorgeous sentence, I want you to understand that I mean it. She's off to a really great start. 
Should you read the book? Yes! Will I read her next book? You betcha! 

Mallory Heart Reviews

Review of Death is a Bitch by Cate Masters

A sensual and rather steamy rendering of one version of “Death mythology,” here Death is a lovely woman who takes souls only at the point of demise, and only after they are aware of the opportunity to “sell their souls” to the demon Damien. A different and imaginative approach to “Death” and the afterlife, this novella will appeal to readers who enjoy their stories both romantic and steamy.


Death stepped from the shadowy curtain of night along a deserted stretch of road. She lowered her head scarf, and stardust glinted in the black hair that dipped to her waist.
The crescent moon hanging low in the sky cast a pallid light over the mangled hunk of cherry-red metal that used to be a sweet Z240 sports car. Inside, a thirtyish man slumped behind the wheel, the air bag deflating away from his near-lifeless body. Blood oozed from a nasty gash to his head. Should have worn his seat belt. Too late for life lessons, though. Those weren’t her expertise anyway. Just the opposite.
Beyond the stand of trees along the road, leaves crackled in the underbrush. Her senses on high alert, Death gripped the silver charm bracelet on her wrist. She poised her finger poised near the hidden latch, ready to release a stream of lightning.
A deer. The animal stilled, its wide eyes fixed on her.
Seeing nothing else, she continued with a modicum of caution. Taking souls didn’t exactly make her popular, and after so many millennia, she should’ve been used to it. The bad jokes. The Halloween parodies. A scythe? Please. She’d never used cheap props. Only the finest weaponry. No mortal ever suspected the intricately designed baubles adorning her bracelet were anything more than ornamental.
The curves of the sports car caught the faint light, and she ran a gilded nail along its hood. She wouldn’t mind taking one of these babies for a spin. In its former condition, of course, before this guy took the curve too fast and wrapped it around a tree.
Humans. Always rushing everywhere, sometimes straight into Death’s arms.
Hearing the man’s moan, she released her grip on her weapon. This one would give her no trouble. She fingered his blond hair, matted with blood. What a shame. So young, and so handsome. He’d leave at least one lover grieving, no doubt.
His eyes fluttered open. When he looked up, recognition intensified the flicker of life in his eyes.
She needed no introduction. Like every dying soul, he knew her, unmistakable in the glimmering black filament gown, its folds revealing a glimpse into infinity.
The stilettos usually earned a second glance, the four-inch heels glistening like fool’s gold. The butterfly tattoo spanning her upper arm likewise drew curious looks, which inevitably changed to horror when the dying recognized the face imprinted within that colorful ink: their own.
Some were even glad to see her.
Not this one. He had denial written all over his blood-streaked face.
“No, please.” His whisper quaked like every other part of him, except his stare, reaching into her, seeking redemption. Unfortunately, it wasn’t hers to give.
Such desperation. Much as she hated to, she had to break it to him. “It’s time.”
With a groan, he shifted, like a futile attempt to get away. “But I’m about to make a killing on my IPO. Things are finally going right for me.”
That doused any sympathy she had. Money? Had he no better argument for staying alive?
She had her own killing to make. “I don’t make the rules, I follow them.” She reached for him.
Shrinking away, he begged. “Please. Can’t we make a deal?”
Suppressing a sigh, she folded her arms. “Oh no. You had to say it.”
Harvesting this soul wouldn’t be so easy after all. Intentionally or not, he’d summoned an intervener. Now there’d be a senseless debate, and with a full schedule ahead, she wasn’t up for what awaited.
She counted down: three, two… A thumping bass beat grew louder, and mingled with the squeal of tires turning too fast on the curves.
A groan escaped. Here he came, right on time.
Another sports car roared toward them, the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil blasting into the night. The brakes squealed as the car slid to a stop inches from her. A whiff of sulfur suffused the balmy night air.
She knew who sat behind the wheel. Musky cologne never masked his stench.
His boot hit the gravel with a crunch, and he sauntered toward her.
“Hello Damien.” Outside of work, she enjoyed running into him. One of the few beings older than herself, he was also one of the few who could make her feel girlish.
Damien kissed her cheek. “So nice to see you, D. You’re looking fabulous, as always.”
Pleasure flushed warmth through her. The daemon knew how to lay on the charm. She hated to admit that she could say the same about him. Time immemorial hadn’t faded his chiseled features, or his washboard abs, if that tight silky shirt gave any indication. Charcoal-colored, to match his pitch eyes. They set off his layered black hair. Stubble lined his strong jaw.
She didn’t have to fake her smile, but she still stepped between him and the wreck. “Always a pleasure. Except when you interfere with my work.”
Damien gave a mock frown. “Our work, sweet cheeks. And might I say they’re looking extra sweet tonight?” His tongue rimmed his grinning lips as he stared at her derriere.
Rather than softening her, his false praise had the opposite effect.
She arched a brow. “No, you may not, unless you want me to hit you a sexual harassment complaint. Let’s get on with it, shall we?” At this rate, they could be there all night.
“Have a heart. The victim—what’s your name again, dude?” He eased around her toward the car window as if speaking to an old friend. If this human had any sense left at all, he’d never count Damien in that category.
Hope lit the doomed man’s face. “Alan. Alan Archer.”
Impatient, she folded her arms over her chest. Nice ploy. Humanize the soul so she’d feel sorry for him. What a waste of time. Having existed an eternity, Death couldn’t relate to the mortal.
Besides, she already knew his name was Alan Archer. What sort of soul taker would she be if she didn’t?
The daemon snapped his fingers. “Alan, yes. Great guy. And he’s about to make a fortune.” Damien’s body clenched at the last word as if racked by an orgasm. Not that the daemon had any need of money, but he did have a reputation of spending it lavishly while partying in the mortal world.
“That’s good news for your loved ones, Alan.” She hated to draw out this charade when the guy looked so pathetic. “I hope you left a will so they’ll be able to enjoy the wealth.” Impatient, she drummed golden fingernails on her crossed arms. Not the tacky gold polish sold in drug stores, but true ancient gold. A trick Cleopatra had taught her.
She tensed when Damien snaked an arm around her waist.
“Come on, D. We can come to some sort of arrangement, can’t we?” He playfully touched the delicate diamond pierced through her nostril. “Alan wants to stick around to taste the sweet fruits of his labors. Right, Alan?”
“Arrangement?” Alan visibly weakened by the moment. He was losing blood fast, and the silver thread connecting his soul to his body thinned to near invisible.
A chuckle lent the daemon a good-natured demeanor. Death hoped the gash in Alan’s head hadn’t impaired his judgment.
“Absolutely. Sign over your soul to me, and I’ll make certain you’re around a good long time.”
Death tried not to roll her eyes. The daemon really laid it on thick.
Damien’s hand slipped a little low on her backside for comfort, so she smacked it away.
“Stop it, Damien.” A double-edged warning, one for his overbearing professional side and one for the horny personal side.
Hopefully Alan would have more sense than to fall for it. But then, in these situations, most people gave little consideration to the proportion between their short life during which they’d enjoy their ill-gotten gains, and eternity, when they’d pay the price for them.

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Saying goodbye to my web site

Any minute now, my web site will disappear. (It actually should have already, but I suspect GoDaddy's simply behind on such things.)

I'm sorry to see it go. Wish I could send it off with some bit of fanfare or ceremony. Maybe a salute as it sinks slowly into the sunset.

At any rate, for now, I need to streamline things a bit. My blog will accommodate all the info as my web site, if not all the bling (unless someone knows how to add a PDF doc to a blog? Or a Flash file?)

As I get time, I'll rearrange the blog to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Personally, I'm not a fan of anything on a web site that screams "hey look over here!" (i.e., flashing/blinking doodads) but if there's a way to streamline info and make the site easier to use, please let me know what you'd like to see.

And, as always, thanks for visiting! I truly appreciate it.

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Demons Fall for Teaser Tuesday

Here are two from the paranormal romance, Demons Fall by Karalynn Lee:

As they left the main street, they saw fewer demons and angels. It said something of the state of mortals in Hellsgate that even the gray, bedraggled creature trailing behind him elicited stares and whispers.

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Adware and malware and spyware, oh my!

Even after hours on the phone with Dell techs last week, the fake antivirus program Vista Internet Security 2011 struck again. So I spent yet more hours on the phone with Dell techs last night. Only this time, they interrogated me. Where did I buy this computer? Did I buy it in my name or someone else's (they seemed to think I bought it for someone else, for some reason). After arguing with no less than three different reps, they finally assigned someone to help me. And we spent hours again on the phone. He did fix it remotely, but I learned that my one-year service warranty only covered four major incidents. I've now used up half of those in about a week, so you do the math. The Dell tech said repeated attacks by this vicious program will eventually also kill my hardware. So I'm basically boxed in a corner, and have no idea what to do.

Now I'm afraid to venture far onto the Net without a net. It occurred to me to search for a cute pic of an ailing computer, but that would have involved visiting potentially unsafe sites, so I nixed that idea.

I'm afraid to use my computer for what I need to do, which is a real conundrum. I *think* I know which site infected me, as Vista Internet Security 2011 began popping up like crazy during both visits to it, but that also presents a conundrum. I'd found some really great artwork on that site, perfect for a re-release of The Duende and The Muse. But now I can't re-connect with the artist, who was open to allowing me to use it. *sigh* So - Wolfgang from Deviant Art, who created The Magic Book, if you have a Google alert and find this, please email me at my Google account: cate.masters AT I apologize for not being able to respond, but crashed in the middle of both attempts.

And if anyone has any advice about what to do about this conundrum, please share with a comment. I'm seriously at a loss. :(

Oh, and if I happen to disappear and don't respond to emails, it's probably because Vista killed my PC again. I fear it's only a matter of time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! And Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Easter! And happy Six Sentence Sunday.

I'm happy to say that Whiskey Creek Press finally released The Bridge Between last week! Yay! *tosses confetti and blows noisemaker*

For the next few weeks, I'm going back to a novella I re-released on Amazon recently, my contemporary Going with Gravity. The setting always makes me say ahhh - Hawaii, where I hope to go someday.

The plane Allison and Wes are on has just lost its fuselage (this actually happened, which made me wonder: hmm, who could I put on that plane?) and Wes checks on Allison, who's in the rest room (and try Googling Mile High Club sometime - you'll never use a plane pillow or blanket again! lol):

His gaze steady on hers, he smoothed her hair from her face. She leaned above him, freefalling into the blue of his iris flecked with black and gold felt like diving in a deep cove and floating to the sun-kissed surface.
Going with gravity, she settled onto his chest. With his bottom lip fuller than his top, his mouth gave him a determined look.
“In case you’re wrong…” Her lips met his, and she unleashed years of repressed desire on him.

Check out all the wonderfully talented Six Sentence Sunday participants here.

And because these Peeps dioramas are so inventive and hilarious, I had to add a few more. Click on any image to enlarge it a bit. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seventh Heaven now available on Smashwords

My Sixties-era romance, Seventh Heaven, is now available on Smashwords for just 99 cents! Soon it will be available for Kindle too. Just waiting on the Amazon conversion.

While published with The Wild Rose Press, it topped the bestseller list. I'm grateful to this publisher for believing in my work. Seventh Heaven was my first published ebook.

Fallen Angel Reviews rated it a Recommended Read. Other reviewers have called it “a wonderful story”; “an uplifting romance set in a turbulent, unique time period. I did not want it to end”; “a read that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The deep and powerful setting of this story had me wiping away tears while cheering James on”; and “This book brought about emotions that I found refreshing. Cate Masters is a gifted writer who wrote this book with talent and marvelous imagery. I could almost see, taste, hear and touch what was occurring in "Seventh Heaven." If you are looking for a book with a wonderful plot that is very well written as well as being entertaining, "Seventh Heaven" is the book for you.”

Here’s the story blurb:
Lilah owns the New Hope Record and Crafts Shop with her friend, Val. Independent and free-spirited, they sell their handmade jewelry and pottery to tourists in their Delaware River town. Lilah’s only hangup is James, who bartends down the street. She’s crazy about him, but lately he’s been cold and distant. Turns out he has reason to be down--he’s had his ticket punched for Vietnam. Lilah makes him a lucky leather-string choker using a silver ankh--the Egyptian symbol of eternity.James is skeptical about its lucky charms, but warms to her again. For seven months, James is in Vietnam. He comes home changed, in more ways than one. Can Lilah show him that her love is all the luck he needs?

And an excerpt:
James stood in the open doorway. The choker gleamed from his neck. “I came by to say thanks.”
The distance she’d felt between them last night was gone. His warm eyes searched hers, reaching again for a connection.
“I didn’t know it was you.” She stepped from behind the counter. No more barriers between them.
He closed the door. “So. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. It looks good. It’s an–”
“An ankh. I know.” Something seemed to be holding him back, but somehow she knew she must be patient, and let him come to her.
“The Egyptian symbol of eternity.” She didn’t know what to do with her hands, and her breath was jagged. “Sorry. I mean, Ben told us. It really stinks you’re leaving.”
He ran a finger across a glazed jug. “Bad timing.”
She clasped her hands in front of her. “I guess it’s never a good time…”
He glanced up and flashed a switchblade smile. “I mean, I wish we had more time.” His soft voice rushed at her like the wind and billowed the sails of her heart’s rocky boat.
The air thinned, seemed rarified. “Me, too.”
He stepped closer. Time felt maddeningly slow. She wanted to run to him, fill her arms with him.
Instead, she crossed her arms. “I hope you’ll write me, if you get a chance.”
He was within arm’s reach. His gaze flowed over her inch by inch, over every curve and hollow.
The floor needed sweeping. And needed to be smaller. Or his steps needed to be more expansive. “Sure, I’ll keep you up on the local gossip. Send you goodie packages.” A lock of her hair. A photo of herself so he’d think of her every day. And night.
His eyes locked on hers. “That’d be nice.”
“We’re going to miss you around here.”
“You will?” The timbre of his voice rumbled inside her like an earthquake.
With his last step, he was so close her skin tingled with his heat. “No one can make a margarita like you.”
He fingered her hair, tucked a strand behind her shoulder. “Come back tonight. I’ll make you all the margaritas you can drink.”
In her head she was already there, sipping at a wide-rimmed glass, serenaded by Dylan in the background, James attending to her alone. “OK.”
“See you about seven, then?”
She smiled. “Seven it is.”
He backed toward the door, slowly, as if still taking her in. The silver ankh winked in the light as he turned to leave.

More links to reviews and the trailer (another old one I need to update!) are here. Thanks, as always, for checking it out! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Author Blog Hop for April 21 - writing in logical order

Today's question, posed by Amy Romine, is: Do you write in logical order?

Interesting question. Before last summer, I would have answered an unequivocal 'yes'. But then I started writing Rock Bottom, my contemporary romance due out with Lyrical Press on June 20.

I wrote the majority of this story longhand. On the treadmill. (Yes, it took some deciphering afterward, lol). But strangely enough, though I knew the basic story ahead of time, the scenes weren't necessarily in logical order. And when I climbed onto the treadmill and began writing, everything that was in my head came out in a jumbled order. Somehow I pieced it all together and it worked out great.

Other times, I will write the major scenes, and if I get stuck on one, skip it for now and go back to it later. So basically, it's a matter of which scenes grab me first.

Check out the other Blog Hop authors here!

And if you'd like a little taste of Rock Bottom, here's the unofficial blurb:
For rocker Jet Trently, success means playing the same platinum-selling hits over and over. Philly rock journalist Billie Prescott thrives on covering the latest releases. When her editor sends her to Malibu to cover Jet’s reality dating show, Rock Bottom, her blog’s success keeps her trapped there. Her life’s at Rock Bottom too, until she hears Jet’s new songs. They touch her heart as his music did when she was 15. When Jet touches her heart as well, will the reality show ruin the real thing?

And an excerpt:
The cottage appeared tiny from the outside, but actually had two stories if the bedroom loft counted. A boomerang-shaped overstuffed sofa dominated the main floor, and cabinets topped with bookshelves lined either wall. In a small nook sat a ceramic-topped iron bistro table and two chairs.
As cozy as a beach getaway.
She swung her carryon bag atop the tufted ottoman. Turning to retrieve her suitcases, she stopped short.
Jet leaned against the doorway. If his presence had been palpable in the house, he overwhelmed this small space.
His lopsided smile appeared almost shy. “Need any help settling in?”
The personal touch. If he hoped to make it literal, he could forget it. Despite her resolve, she found him overwhelmingly distracting. She had trouble recalling what she’d planned to do.
Glancing around, she thought she’d be pretty pathetic if she claimed to need help. “Nope, I think I can find everything.”
Stepping inside, he closed the door and moved toward her slowly. Purposefully.
Her pulse quickening, she tensed, but couldn’t find her voice to ask what he wanted.
He touched the cabinet. “There’s a small fridge under here. I’ll have Cindy stock it for you.”
Nodding, she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Great. Thanks.” She felt sure he must hear her heart pounding. And think her an idiot. “It’s an adorable little place. You’re saving the magazine a bundle by letting me stay here.”
When he moved closer, his crystal blue eyes felt like a laser piercing her own.
To clear her head, she turned away. “It’s situated perfectly too. Right next to the house.” Could she possibly sound any more brainless?
She sensed him directly behind her. His soft tone made her muscles go fluid. Her eyes drifted shut, imagining his famous voice singing to her alone.
“If you look out your bedroom window, you can see into mine. Right over there.” His arm lifted beside her and pointed.
His warmth penetrated her skin. He smelled like ocean and musk. An impulse struck her to guide his arm around her, fit herself against him. Fill her senses with him.
Snapping to reality, she fumed at his flirting, but made her voice sweet as honey. “Oh, over there? I appreciate you telling me.” Smiling, she turned. “I’ll be sure to keep my curtains closed.”
Tensing, he straightened, and his nostrils flared.
Her muscles drew taut in response. You shouldn’t have made him mad--not the first day.
But his eyes crinkled at the corners, and he cocked his jaw and nodded. “Billie Prescott.” He said her name with a kind of wonder.
Not quite knowing what to make of it, she gave a giddy laugh. And wanted to die. “Jet Trently. We finally meet.” As though she’d been waiting. Or it had been prearranged. By whom? The universe?
To recover her composure, she went to her bag and pulled out her laptop. “Any internet connection in here?”
He flopped onto the sofa and extended his arms across the back. “Wireless, pretty much from everywhere.” With a kind of amused curiosity, he watched her. “We need to talk.”
Her mind blanked. The way he spoke sounded so intimate, as if he wanted to discuss their relationship. His gaze seared into her, and she had trouble remembering they had no relationship. “About what?”
His mouth curled into a smile. “The show. Don’t you want to interview me?”
She felt her face flush. He played a cat and mouse game. And he’d trapped her already.

Thanks for reading! :)

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I'm launching my new blog series, Author Chat, with Michael Lee West, author of Gone With A Handsomer Man.

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