Friday, November 30, 2012

J.E. Taylor spills the beans!

Hi J.E.! So glad to have you at Spilling the Beans, where we can learn a little bit about you, and your book.
Grab a cappuccino and let’s chat. Unless you have another favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?
JET: I’ll pass on the cappuccino, but I’ll be glad to have a Peach-Mango V8 Energy Fusion please…  :)

Mm, that does sound yummy.
Fur or feathers, petwise?
JET: Fur. I would rather shoot our feathered friends – this goes back to a nest on a air conditioner and many sleepless nights. Now I’m openly hostile towards birds.

Oh dear, lol. 
Any pet peeves? One thing that really burns your biscuits?
JET: Office politics – or any political posturing for that matter. Stop pussy-footing around and say what’s on your mind. I’d rather have someone be honest to my face than stab me in the back.

And politics in general these days, unfortunately!
Favorite quote?
JET: Oh my – this one is hard because there are so many…
I have these listed on my personal Facebook Page:
Losers always whine about doing their best while winners go home and f#$& the prom queen!
Go pound sand.

And a few others on my Goodreads page…

What’s your ideal day like?
JET: My ideal day starts with waking up at our beach home, taking a walk on the two mile stretch of Long Sands Beach and then hanging with the family at the beach, reading in the sunshine, getting a little writing time in the afternoon and then happy hour with the neighbors followed by a nice dinner and then end the day with drinks around the camp fire.

Ahh, lovely.
Beethoven, Beatles, Foo Fighters or Keith Urban (what types of music makes you rock out)?
JET: I have quite a variety of tastes but my preference is rock. I can’t stand elevator music and twangy old-school country music – both of those make me hostile.

Does music influence your writing? Do you have a music playlist for your book?
JET: Music has some influence over my writing – and when I’m in need of finding the writing zone, I do pop in my headphones and rock out to a specific playlist. But when I’m in the zone, I actually don’t hear the music, it fades into oblivion like everything else around me.

Me too. Hubby says I wear invisible blinders. :)
Which of your characters would you most/least like to hang out with, and why?
JET: This is another hard question and because I’m on the Saving Face blog tour, I’ll focus on the characters in the Steve Williams series – Ty Aris/Ty Ryan would be the character I’d most like to hang with because I’d love to pick his brain for hours on end. He’s damaged and has done some horrific things in his lifetime, but he’s also found redemption.

Least like to hang with…The Windwalker…because he is one sick individual.

While creating your books, what was one of the most surprising things you learned?
JET: I did a fair amount of research for the Steve Williams series, from researching how cocaine is made to blood splatter patterns to wiccan beliefs and Indian folklore. I also did a great deal of research on the different locations, like Georgia and Italy. I have never been to either, so google satellite maps was a godsend.

The most surprising thing for me was learning to shoot a gun. It isn’t as easy as aim and shoot and it gave me a healthy appreciation for firearms and those with expert marksmanship within the law enforcement agencies.

Where can readers find out more about you?
Twitter: @JETaylor75

Please share a book blurb and/or excerpt.
The Windwalker Serial Killer stalks the inlets of southern Maine for the next beauty to advance his collection and Special Agent Steve Williams is frustrated with always being a breath behind the slippery psychopath.  Escalating the pressure, Steve’s adopted sons, CJ and Tom Ryan, take teenage rebellion to an entirely new level, leaving Steve in an explosive situation.

When the Windwalker slaughters Tom’s ex-girlfriend, taking her face as a macabre trinket, Tom is found on the scene covered in her blood, with her scalped body draped across his lap.  Damning evidence against him is unearthed, his father's secret identity is about to be exposed, and he's charged with Tanya’s traumatic murder.

To prove his innocence, their only hope is the worst-case scenario; for the Windwalker to harvest a new face.

Thanks for spilling the beans today J.E.!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

I had such a good time bringing so many authors to my blog during Halloween, I'm going to do it again for Christmas. The 12 Days of Christmas will run from Dec. 1 through 12, so I hope you'll visit!

I'm still working out the details, and still have plenty of room left for authors who'd like to join in. Just let me know if you're interested.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Series vs. stand-alone stories

I think I've mentioned before - I have a LOT of stories in my head. If I had the time, I'd have twice the titles published as I do now. Unfortunately, I also have a short attention span, and once a story's revised and polished to the best it can be, I'm ready to leave it behind.

But what if readers aren't? A few have commented certain stories were too short, or they'd like to read more about the characters. I thought I'd put out an informal questionnaire - do you prefer series? Or is a stand-alone story enough for you? Or does it depend on the story itself? Or the author?

Weigh in! I'd love to hear your opinion.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giveaway today at TRR's YES

Do you love fantasies? Do the holidays make you warm and fuzzy inside despite the chill in the air? Then pop over to The Romance Reviews and enter the Year End Splash for a chance to win my Christmas fantasy, Ground Rules!

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Historical BlurbFest at TBR this weekend

Hope you're recovered from Thanksgiving overeating and Black Friday shopping! Time to take a break and read some great book blurbs, maybe add a few to your TBR list. Yep, you know where this is going... TBR's Historical BlurbFest is this weekend. Go to TBR and share your book blurb for your historical fiction - any subgenre.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Deanna Jewel introduces Nathaniel Clairmont of No Turning Back

Thank you for stopping in to learn about my books and more about me. I write multi-genre romance and being an Indie author allows me to write in the genre of my choice. This works exceptionally well for me because the characters who tap on my shoulders and live in my mind aren’t all from historical or contemporary time periods. My first love for reading is historical and when Nathaniel Clairmont began giving me bits and pieces of his life story, he showed me England, took me on a tour of his ship and then through his family castle that overlooked the ocean atop a rocky precipice.

His story is my historical novel that takes place in England 1778, No Turning Back, and he’s here with me this week so you can learn about his story, too. I'm pretty excited today about having Captain Nathaniel Clairmont here to chat with us for a bit. I've pulled him from the pages and I know he can't stay long. He's my handsome hero from No Turning Back, a respected ship captain, friend and breeder of horses, he loves to ride, but loves the ocean just as much. And here’s a secret - he’s also a Duke!

Another note to all readers out there…the characters from No Turning Back are reincarnated in my new contemporary upcoming release, Whispers at Ghost Point! More about that after the interview plus news about my contests, so I hope you read all the way through today! Thanks for being here with me!

Deanna:  Nathan, your home in Scarborough, England sounds like a wonderful place, overlooking the ocean. How long has the castle been in your family?

 The fortress has been in my family for over one hundred years. A castle's structure is cold and damp so I do what I can to keep it warm and comfortable inside. I've done some reconstruction inside and out due to the age so it won't crumble down around me. I've collected tapestries from around the world and those hang on the walls to help keep the heat inside. I enjoy walking out on the parapets that look out onto the water, to listen to the crashing waves on warm summer evening.

  With all your travels and time at court with the King, I envision all types of women wanting to get to know you better. Tell us what you look for in a woman who might interest you.

  *Nathan rubs his chin as he thinks about an answer*  I would have to start with height. I like tall women, with a nice smile but doesn't constantly giggle and chatter. Is that a good start? I want to be able to read her eyes, the windows to a woman's soul. I'm a fairly good judge of character. I like a smart woman who is able to hold a conversation; beauty is nice but there is more to a female than good looks.

  Well that gives us a list of attributes to start with. My readers place themselves in the heroine's character you know; they all want to be in my story with YOU! Are you the type of man who doesn't like getting tied down to one relationship, play the field, so to speak?

  *he gives us a deep laugh* I don't have time to play the field, Deanna. The King keeps me pretty busy at court or traveling on his behalf and when I'm not doing that, I'm at my home where I breed beautiful horses. The woman of my dreams will share that love with me. I like to think of myself as a one-woman man and our love will last a lifetime, if I'm lucky enough to find that.

  So…have you found the woman of your dreams, Nathan?

  I can't answer that without giving things away, now can I. *he gives me a sexy wink*  I've had my share of women in my life but I want to settle down one day, to have children, someone to leave my home to.

  When you're on the ocean...sailing...are you at home there? Do you feel in control of something larger than life?

  I was raised aboard ships. My father took me with him when he sailed and I learned how to read the water, to know when I don't have control because the sea takes orders from no one. A captain depends on a good crew to help keep the ship safe and I have that in my crew. I trust them with my life.

  We all have enemies. Care to enlighten us about a few of yours?

  Hmmm.....Langley has been a thorn in my side since childhood. We didn't necessarily run in the same circles of London society, but he did attend some of the same entertainment and events such as a local ball or two. He was jealous of the ease at which I could talk with women and there were a few females I guess one could say I turned in my direction and away from him. His jealous nature is also part of the reason he can't keep a woman; that and he's bloody greedy.

  Nathan, thank you for taking the time to be here with us. I know our readers have been thrilled to know you a little better. Can you stick around for a few questions?

  I can do that. I can't wait to hear what questions they might have for me!

  I can't be responsible for their actions or questions, you know! So be prepared...we look forward to it. Again, thank you!

  My pleasure!

  Everyone, thank you for stopping in today. I hope we’ve been able to add one more book to your shelves and TBR list. No Turning Back in e-format is on sale for a limited time for .99! Now, who has a question for Nathan or myself? Don’t forget to enter my contests below!

Upcoming release of Whispers at Ghost Point

The book will be out in e-format before mid-December and in paperback in late December or January! Whispers’ is a contemporary story that reincarnates my characters from No Turning Back and brings them to the present time. Dana is my heroine who is obsessed with an abandoned lighthouse in Wilmington, NC and she dreams of renovating it for a bed and breakfast but she can’t get through to the owner. She’s also realized there is a ghost in the lighthouse tower who has plans for her! Can a ghost from her past destroy her future? Check my website to learn more and I hope you click over HERE to read Chapter One and watch the book trailer!

To enter my book tour CONTEST, click HERE 
The drawing will be Dec 10th
Below is my other contest where one lucky winner will receive the beaded book thong!

Monday, November 19, 2012

So thankful

This will be my only post here this week (but one away - see below), but I wanted to express my deep gratitude to everyone who helped make this year another fantastic one (though - Mayans aside - I'm not counting on it ending before Dec. 31!)

I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful critique partners. You don't let me get away with anything. You're the reason my writing keeps getting better.

Thanks to the generous authors in this wonderful online writing community. Your enthusiasm and support keeps my spirits buoyed when I most need it.

Thanks so much to the readers who've bought my books! I sincerely hope you've enjoyed them, because that's the reason I keep doing what I do. And if you did enjoy them, I hope you'll leave a review. :)
Most of all, thanks to my family, who provide me much-needed foundation and support, and without whom I'd be lost.
Okay, put away your tissues now. :)

Time for some goodies!

The Romance Reviews's Year-End Splash has begun! The grand prize is a $100 gift card, and hundreds of participating authors are holding giveaways too, so hop on over there!

On Sunday, Nov. 25, I'll be giving away an ebook of my Christmas fantasy, Ground Rules, so keep an eye out for that.

A guest post on Thursday

I'll be at Decadent's 1NS blog on Turkey Day, sharing a little more gratitude and spreading the love.
If I don't see you there, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Vitruvian Man

Whew, I almost didn't have a post for today, then two writers tagged me for two different memes just in time. :)

Thanks to C.M. Brown for thinking of me for the You Got the Look meme!

In this one, you go to your current WIP and search for the word "look," then post the surrounding paragraphs.

Here's a peek at a dark paranormal novella I recently subbed:

Something about the performance mesmerized me. I had to watch until the end. I found more than the torches incendiary. Her movements practiced and deft, the fire dancer appeared completely at ease, as if the flames wouldn’t scorch her skin should she slip up. Maybe the very risk of it exhilarated her; she glowed brighter than the fire. She looked more alive than anyone I’d ever seen. More free.

An ache filled my chest. How I envied her!
“We’re leaving.” My companion said, a challenge in her tone. She stepped away, and the other two joined her.

I stood my ground. “I’ll catch up to you there.”

With a huff, she stomped off. “Don’t bother.”

My focus followed the twirling wands. The woman tossed one high, then the other, easily catching both on their descent. She swirled them around herself so rapidly, she created a cage of flame around herself, a glowing twine that streaked the dusk.

A fire mage? Eldie hadn’t mentioned any newcomers, though this fire dancer could easily have been an enchantress. I was under her spell.
I wanted to feel her skin on my skin, move with her in that exhilarating, intimate dance. I wanted her to burn me in the deepest way, and free me if only for a brief time.

Now to tag five other writers to pick up the meme or not as they so choose! But I encourage you to visit their sites and follow them:

Thanks to Sonya Clark for tagging me for The Next Big Thing! I'm going to continue to share a little bit more about the story above.

What is the title of your book?
The Vitruvian Man

Where did the idea come from for the book?
Articles in two very different magazines. The first described Carnevale in Venice, a ten-day festival of general merriment and bacchanalia in masquerade costume. Ad an article in The Smithsonian Magazine in which a researcher found a sketch of The Vitruvian Man by another artist that predated Leonardo Da Vinci's. In researching Da Vinci, I learned his contemporaries sometimes wondered about his methods. I can't give too much away, so that's all I'm saying. :)

What genre does your book fall under?
Hm, this one's a toughie. I call it a dark paranormal, but there's also magic involved, and I wouldn't be surprised if some book seller sites plugged it under urban fantasy.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I imagined the heroine, Melina Weaver, as a young Elizabeth Shue. For the hero, Gerard Butler would fit the bill nicely!

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
When scientist Melina Weaver unleashes her wild side as a fire dancer at Venice's Carnevale, she finds herself out of her depth after meeting Bruno DiCesare, whose costume hides more than an average alpha male.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
As I mentioned above, I have subbed is, so I'm hoping it will be published by that e-publisher. :)

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
The first draft took 3-4 months, but revisions take many many more months!

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
You stumped me. I try to make my stories unique, so I hope it stands on its own.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
A combination of things. I'd researched ancient dances for another dark paranormal, Dancing With the Devil, and learned about fire dancing and it intrigued me. After reading about Carnevale, it sparked the idea for the setting - the festival spans ten days, which made for a perfect time limit for someone who couldn't appear in public without a costume.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? 
A hero unlike any readers have seen before - an off-the-charts alpha male, but he's highly educated and sophisticated too. An intelligent and resourceful heroine who must pit her wits against a surprise enemy, and must learn to navigate through strange territory to save the hero. The setting's unusual, too - I've never seen a story set during Carnevale, and the masquerade provided a fun element.

As far as passing this along to other writers, I'd love for anyone who wants to pick up the meme to do so.

Win a Nook loaded with 45 ebooks!

Just in time for the holidays! Enter at Decadent Publishing's Daily Dose of Decadence blog before December 15. Lots of wonderful books on the list. :)