Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, we've survived yet another apocalypse and 2013 is almost here. Death has her party hat on again - but please be safe tonight when you party so you don't meet her too soon!

Wishing you a new year filled with laughter and joy, and time with friends and loved ones. But also remember to take time to do what you love, and nourish your soul with your art.

It's been a fantastic year, and I'm truly grateful for the friendship and support I've received. I hope I've been able to help others as much as they've helped me. 

I plan to write as much as possible, which means I'll likely be blogging less, with no set schedule.

This year's been difficult to visit as many blogs as I'd have liked, and I don't foresee my schedule easing much in the coming year. But I'm always happy to help other authors. On occasional Fridays, I host other authors in a feature called Spilling the Beans, so contact me if you'd like to schedule a visit.

One year ago, I also launched a reader's blog called To Be Read, and it's all about other authors - interviews, guest posts, book spotlights, blurb blitzes - however you'd like to promote, I'll do my best to help. Check the 2013 schedule and let me know if you'd like to reserve a date.
Have a wonderful New Year's celebration!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last blog visit of the year!

The snow's falling here, a very picturesque sight. But then, I'm not going anywhere today, except virtually. The wonderfully talented Lorrie Struiff invited me to her blog, where I'm sharing some little-known facts about wreckers. I hope you'll pop over and visit! I can't promise hot cocoa, but Key West makes a great tropical escape in a snowstorm, even virtually.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Would love your votes in the PredEd poll!

It's that time of year again. The Christmas tree's dropping its needles in the family room. Waistlines expanded from too many goodies, thoughts of resolutions are dancing in our heads.

And... the annual Preditors and Editors poll is up!

I'd love your votes for Cate Masters titles in these categories:

Cate Masters

And, written under the pen name of C.A. Masterson, for my literary family saga:

And for A Community of Writers, nominated in the Best Anthology category:

I worked very hard and was proud of the way my book cover turned out for In the Midnight Hour. It's listed under Book Cover: In the Midnight Hour

Please note: You must validate your vote by clicking the link in the email sent to you, so voting is a two-step process.

Authors work very hard all year long. It's wonderful to receive feedback anytime, but gratifying to receive votes from readers who've enjoyed our work.

I hope you'll consider voting! And thanks for your support. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

TBR's 2nd Holiday BlurbFest

This weekend, TBR invites authors of holiday stories to share their blurbs.

Don't let the Santa image fool you. Whatever December holiday your story touches on will work. I'm easy. :)

Go share your holiday book blurb on TBR! It's a little extra exposure for your book, and might be just what readers had on their wish lists. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Time to party with Death!

The big day is here. December 21. The day we've all posted on Facebook about, tweeted about, maybe even worried about... a little bit. :)


The Apocalypse?

Not exactly.

And Death couldn't be happier.

Today, she's celebrating at the amazing Jessica E. Subject's blog.

And tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. EST, she's throwing a bash on my new group on Facebook. I hope you'll join us!

As usual, there'll be a little magic and mayhem, and a giveaway or two!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doomsday is almost here! Are you ready?

Are you one of the preppers? The hoarders?

Well, it's my sister's birthday tomorrow, so the end of the world better wait till another day. :)

And Death is throwing an Apocalypse party! End of the world or not, you really should stay on her good side!

The party will take place tomorrow on my new FB group, Magic, mayhem and a little romance with Cate Masters, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

To celebrate The End of the World - NOT!, Lyrical Press is having a 75 percent off sale. Whether you're holed up in your bunker or not, it's a great time to grab some excellent reads. If I might suggest one, how about Rock Bottom, my rocking contemporary? :) At these prices, you'll want to hoard some ebooks!

I'm excited that Decadent Publishing is launching a new line tomorrow, another reason for the world not to end today. :) You can see some of the new releases on TBR today - go check it out!

And I couldn't resist posting this. Everybody sing along! Happy End of the World-NOT!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cover reveal: Homecoming

The first thing I said when I saw this cover was: "Wow." Isn't it gorgeous?

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I'd subbed two short stories to Decadent Publishing's 1NS line, and both were accepted. This is one of them.

This cover is perfect, from the emotion of the couple to the lovely yet alarming reds, which hint at the suspenseful section toward the end.

Can't wait for release day!

Blogging schedule

On another note, blogging's going to be sporadic over the holidays. Two more guest posts at author friends' blogs, and that will wrap it up for this year. But there's lots more planned - check the Interviews and Guest Blogs page for more info.

I'd planned a Doomsday party for Dec. 21, and created a new group on FB for the event. I hope you'll join in.

My heart's not really in it after the tragic shootings in Connecticut last week and I'm trying to tread lightly, but if anything, it makes me prouder that the character I crafted is Death with a heart - the kind of entity I'd want to come for my soul when it's time. And my Death has a soft spot for children, too. I know it's only fictional, but I have to believe the angels who came for those kids helped ease the transition for them. It still breaks my heart.

I'll be skipping the Wednesday post, by the way, but will have one Thursday, and another Friday.

Breaking news - happy dancing!

I'm a nominee in GraveTells' 2012 Readers Choice Awards! The category is Most Engaging Author. No idea when voting starts, but I'll be sure to let you know. :)

What a great way to start the week!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bright spot in a sad day

Probably like you, I've been caught up all day in the unspeakable tragedy unfolding in Newport, Connecticut. My heart's breaking for all those families, and I've been unable to tear myself away, trying to make sense of it all.

So it came as a nice surprise when I learned that Robin Covington of USA Today had featured my book video for The Goddess Connection series in her column. You can see it here. Thanks so much, Robin - I really appreciate it! And I'm glad you like the video. Now I need to get to work on the other two books I have planned for that series...

Right now, it's difficult to think of anything except hugging my kids and grandkids, and praying that this type of horror doesn't happen again. An impossible request? Hey, we all deserve a Christmas miracle right now.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 1/2th Day of Christmas: Lucy Felthouse

Cate: Yay, I convinced Lucy Felthouse to travel Across the Pond to spread some holiday cheer! Lucy, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Lucy: I am a British writer of erotica and erotic romance for several publishers. I also run my own company, doing PR, Marketing and Web Design ( for writers. My days consist of juggling writing, running my company, and promoting my own work!

Cate: You're living the life! :) What do you love most about Christmas?
Lucy: I used to say time off work, but since I quit my job and started working for myself, there's no such thing as time off! ;) So I'd say all the delicious food and chocolate that is offered! :D

Cate: Writers keep terrible hours, don't we? lol Do you have a favorite memory of a Christmas past?
Lucy: Ooh, last Christmas was pretty special. I was on holiday in Fuerteventura, and we found an English pub that was doing traditional Christmas dinners. So we sat, overlooking the beach and the sea, eating a yummy Christmas dinner. Awesome!

Cate: It sounds it! If Santa could grant one wish, what would you ask for?
Lucy: The winning lottery ticket would be great, thanks Santa. That means I can splash out and head to some US conferences next year!

Cate: That would be cool! What was the best gift you’ve ever received? What made it so special?
Lucy: Hmm… we don't really do surprises in my family. We tend to give each other lists – and mine always consist of books and DVDs!

Cate: You sound like me - I think my Amazon wish list is 7 pages long, lol. Any favorite Christmas recipes you’d care to share?
Lucy: I don't do cooking. I'm the one who sits around eating the food other people have made.

Cate: Tell us about your latest release, and where readers can find it online.
Lucy: My latest release came out on the 7th December. It's an erotic short story—the first in a series—called A Taste of London. It's published by Ellora's Cave.

It's based on the lead character, Ryan Stonebridge, going on his gap year with a friend. They start their adventure in London, which is where the action in this book takes place. Later books in the series will go to Paris and Rome. After that... who knows?

Cate: Care to share a blurb or excerpt?
Lucy: Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst are heading off on the trip of a lifetime. They’re spending their gap year traveling the world and expect lots of sun, sights and sex. The guys have a couple of days in the English capital before catching the Eurostar to Paris. Unfortunately, a family emergency means that Kristian has to head back home for a while, leaving Ryan to continue the trip alone.
Luckily for Ryan, he’s an attractive guy and there is no shortage of gorgeous women available to help take his mind off Kristian’s family drama.

Cate: What inspired you to write about the theme?
Lucy: Basically, I wanted to write something for Ellora's Cave, so when I saw they'd launched a range for men, I thought it would be perfect. I like to write for men, and from the male perspective, so I had a lot of fun writing the story. It took a while to come up with a concept, especially since it's so male-fantasy orientated, but when I got the idea I was surprised to find it would very easily turn into a series. So here I am, now trying to find some time to write the next installment.

Cate: Anything else you’d like to share?
Lucy: Yes, please! I'd like to let readers know about my upcoming release (December's a busy one for me!) – Reindeer Games: Cupid. It's very different from A Taste of London, in that it's more aimed at women, and is a paranormal erotic romance. It comes out on 17th December, and is a perfect Christmas read, along with the other titles in the Reindeer Games series.

Cate: Thanks so much for being part of the 12 - er, 12 1/2 -  Days of Christmas! :) Hope you have a jolly holly holiday!

Thanks so much for having me, Cate! You have a great holiday, too! :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12th Day of Christmas: Helena Harker

Cate: Helena is here to spread some holiday cheer! And heat up your cold winter nights. :) Helena, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Helena: I’m new to erotica. I’ve been writing novels for young adults for several years now, and after the 50 Shades of Gray furor, I decided to try my hand at writing something a little spicier and naughtier. And I actually had some stories accepted by Ellora’s Cave! I’m thrilled!

Cate: Very exciting - congrats! What do you love most about Christmas?
Helena: The decorations! I love to drive down the street at night and look at all the brilliant displays of colour. It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to make their houses look great for Christmas. My house isn’t so great, but I’ve got a row of huge red candy canes across my porch.

Cate: Love taking the kids out at night to see the lights too. Do you have a favorite memory of a Christmas past?
Helena: When my mother used to let us open ONE Christmas present after midnight on Christmas Eve. That was always special.

Cate: If Santa could grant one wish, what would you ask for?
Helena: Please, Santa, can you get my kids to go to bed at 7 pm every night so I can have more time to write? LOL.

Cate: Ha, I know the feeling! :) What was the best gift you’ve ever received? What made it so special?
Helena: My husband always buys me jewelry. Usually it’s gold or pearls. So those gifts are always special.

Cate: Any favorite Christmas recipes you’d care to share?
Helena: Oh God, there are so many! I have a sweet tooth. I like anything that is chocolate mint, or fudge, or a “bĂ»che de Noel”, or egg nog!

Cate: It is hard to pick just one! Tell us about your latest release, and where readers can find it online.
Helena: It’s about a submissive woman who is given the task of being a dominatrix for the evening. It’s daunting for her, but she manages to rise to the challenge. It was great fun to write. Here’s the buy link:

Cate: Whew, I think you just melted a few snowmen with that cover, lol. Care to share a blurb or excerpt?
Helena: Blurb: When Bethany finds her Master’s note, she expects it to contain the usual set of instructions telling her how to prepare for their Friday evening play session. But her Master asks for the unexpected—he wants her to be his Domme. Bethany is terrified at the prospect, but she doesn’t want to disappoint Master. She’ll need to tap into her inner dominatrix if she’s to give her newly submissive lover what he needs.

Cate: What inspired you to write about the theme?
Helena: A lot of BDSM books are about a woman being submissive, but I wanted to try something different and have the woman become a switch.

Cate: Helena has her Santa hat on!
Helena: I’d like to give away a copy of “Master’s Submission,” my first release with Ellora’s Cave. Remember, leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Cate: Thanks so much for being part of the 12 Days of Christmas, Helena! Hope you have a jolly holly holiday!

And tomorrow will wrap up the event! Yep, it's a baker's dozen. And there's a time lag between the U.S. and the U.K., so it still counts. :) So be sure to visit again tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11th Day of Christmas: Wendy Ely

Cate: Wendy is here to spread some holiday cheer! Wendy, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Wendy: Thanks for having me here, Cate. I’m Wendy, a contemporary and romantic suspense author, in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a busy life with two teenagers and my real life hero.

Cate: So sweet! What do you love most about Christmas?
Wendy: Like most families, mine is very busy. Between Dan’s 6 day work week and the teenagers’ work week, we only have a few hours of quality time together. Christmas provides us extra days off of work and school to enjoy each other’s company.

Cate: Do you have a favorite memory of a Christmas past?
Wendy: I received my first book contract right after Christmas. I had been stressing over a publisher giving me the run-around over the manuscript during the holidays. Their contract was the perfect ending to the holidays and a great beginning to the new year.

Cate: Love that. :) If Santa could grant one wish, what would you ask for?
Wendy: This might seem silly but Dan and I are not engaged. I’d love for Santa to grant me the wish of Dan formally proposing. We’ve talked about getting married but he hasn’t popped the question yet. He says he does everything in a big way and it’ll come without me suspecting it.

Cate: Aww. Hope Santa grants your wish! Any favorite Christmas recipes you’d care to share?
Wendy: I’ll let you in on a little secret… I don’t do the cooking. Dan does, so I really don’t know the Christmas recipes ;) By the way, the kids prefer his cooking over mine any day.

Cate: You lucky woman! lol Tell us about your latest release, and where readers can find it online.
Wendy: Confessions, Desert Secrets Book 1 has been re-released. You can find the book here:

Cate: Care to share a blurb or excerpt?
Wendy: Here is a short excerpt:
Jordan slid to the side so she could position herself in front of the monitor and keyboard. His hand brushed her thigh, sending sparks through her. It took effort to remind herself that the task at hand was much more important than his thigh resting against hers, or his hand moving to the back of her chair and his fingers playing with a strand of her hair. Denying the temptation was a lost cause. She wanted Jordan, and wanted him bad, but she could only admit it to herself. Even though she was supposed to be looking for her daughter, every part of her body yearned for Jordan’s touch.

Cate: What inspired you to write about the theme?
Wendy: I started with the character, Chelsea Montgomery, and asked a bunch of questions about why she’d left her hometown without telling them.  After playing the “what if” game with her, the details of her selling her baby, Jordan finding her, and being forced to stay in Wilson, Arizona seemed to mesh together for a fantastic story.

Cate: Anything else you’d like to share?
Wendy: Confessions is book 1 the series. Midnight Secrets is book 2 in the series and available on most ebook retailing sites.

Cate: Thanks so much for being part of the 12 Days of Christmas, Wendy! Hope you have a jolly holly holiday!