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Casting Call: Charmed

This Casting Call is a followup to the one for Cursed. Bruno and Melina, the main characters, continue, of course, but Charmed goes deeper into some of the secondary characters. It's a great cast!

Bruno. Shedding his chimera curse, he's slowly transforming into a man. An irresistibly handsome man. :)

Still, he has secrets. It may be a good thing his treatments keep him unconscious a good bit of the time because he has a strong compulsion to reveal them to Melina.

Goran Visnjic is Bruno.

Melina Weaver has given up everything for Bruno. Career gone, her life revolves around him. Unfortunately for her, he isn't the greatest company (unconscious much of the time, as noted above). Which leaves her curious mind craving stimulation. She finds plenty in Bruno's library. But it likewise creates another problem, and more secrets between them.

Amanda Seyfried is Melina.

You meet Bruno's longtime friend, Marco Roagna, in much more detail in Charmed.

Long ago, Marco joined the Council because of its easy access to women. Now, he's grown tired of the shallow life and wants something more meaningful. He's likewise grown tired of the Council, and its outdated dictatorship. Which, as you might suspect, puts him in an awkward - and precarious - position.

Richard Armitage is Marco (I'm sure he can manage the Italian accent!)

Fiorella Battaglino is fairly new to the Council. She's somewhat of a mystery because she says little, but sees all.

Marco's intrigued by her, but isn't sure of her loyalties. He finds out in Claimed, the third book. :)

Rachel Weisz is Fiorella.

There's more to Luca Petulengro than meets the eye. A powerful gypsy warlock, he has longtime ties to Bruno as well. The Romanian gypsies want to break free of the Council, and Luca's joined with other rogue magicks.

Gerard Butler is Luca.

Another rogue magick, Fiona, is a bit of a loose cannon. You never know when she'll explode in anger - or shift into a wolf. Or a raven.

She was a lot of fun to write. :)

Olivia Wilde is Fiona.

Fiona was still not as fun to write as Bean Sidhe. Bean's a banshee with an attitude. And a sarcastic wit, which she never hesitates to use whenever appropriate.

Bean is instrumental in organizing the rogue magicks against the Council.

I am a huge fan of Helen Mirren's. She is so multifaceted as an actor, I'm sure she'd make an amazing Bean.

And that's my dream cast! You can imagine your own, if you like. Buy Charmed!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Serendipity anyone?

Does serendipity ever strike when you're writing? It does for me - come learn how at The Book Lunatic! (Don't you love that title?)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Get Charmed!

Look what appeared on Amazon last night! :)

I'm so excited for the release of Charmed! It's the followup to Cursed, with Claimed soon to follow.

As it's released on other sites, I'll update the official page, below. The blurb and excerpt are there, if you care to read them, plus the book video for your enjoyment. :)

And now, it's time for the release day happy dance!

Charmed, dark paranormal/fantasy

The Vitruvian Man 2
Dark Paranormal/fantasy

Brought together by accident, bound by fate—and magic.  Love works its charm over Bruno DiCesare and Melina Weaver during his transformation from beast to man. But love likewise blinds them to the secrets each holds. Bruno thinks his secret will devastate Melina. Melina’s afraid Bruno will hate her for what she’s become. Neither guess the greatest danger lurks outside their door – and will force them to decide between love and life itself.

Available at
Decadent Publishing


Reviews (coming soon)

Casting Call See who I envisioned as these characters here.

Wow, so fast. Melina held Bruno’s hand until his grasp went slack. The treatment seemed to take effect almost as soon as he’d swallowed it. He shouldn’t react immediately; his body should be able to handle it better by this time. Unless Eldie increased the dosage?
Suspicion drew her gaze to the bottle. Of course she couldn’t tell by sight, and she had no idea what ingredients the sorceress had used in the other preparations. She shouldn’t have agreed to it so readily, nor trusted Eldie so blindly. In any other situation, she’d have asked to review the complete specifications.
She stroked Bruno’s arm. I wanted him cured for me as much as for himself. If her selfishness harmed him in any way, she’d carry that guilt forever. Try to make it up to him forever.
For now, she’d have to occupy her mind with something else or drive herself insane. His deep breaths meant he’d sleep for at least a day.
A hushed sigh sounded from the other room.
“Eldie?” Back so soon?
No answer came except for a slight rustle. She crept to the curtain. “Who’s here?”
Even as she asked, she sensed a presence unlike any she’d encountered before. Everything remained as she’d left it, the lamp glowing in the center of the table, laptop beside the scattered books. Lucky the sorceress hadn’t seen them. Luck, or something more.
She returned to the volume she’d left open. A page rippled, lifted straight up and fell over. Another muffled sigh escaped. Melina. The whisper so slight, it was barely audible. Yet without a doubt, she heard her name.
She traced a finger down the spine. It quivered beneath her touch like the plucked string of a guitar. With a gasp, she jerked her hand back.
Uncertain she hadn’t imagined it, she repeated the move and got the same result.
How? She pulled the chair close to the table and examined the pages. Nothing out of the ordinary, except perhaps how finely executed the handwritten entries appeared, each letter as perfect as the last. Almost like they’d been printed to fool the eye of a curious reader. An Italian reader. If only these were in English.
The longer she studied the text, the clearer it became. The letters blurred, shimmered, then shifted, rearranging themselves into… English. She didn’t need to enter the words into the translator site on her laptop, she understood every sentence.
She ran her fingers lightly over the page. The letters shifted again, scattering at her touch, as if she’d disturbed the surface of a pond.
“What the…” It changed back to Italian, the letters appearing to float. She swirled a fingertip across the surface, and the words formed a swarm, like a school of fish following bait. Like fish, they seemed to nibble at the tip of her finger. Impossible, but it tickled.
Fascinating. But this silliness got her nowhere. She’d never learn anything if this kept up. “Stop.”
The scripted words froze in a jumbled, nonsensical order.
She hovered her hand above the passage, and the letters stretched up off the page in tall columns to meet it. The pull of the connection reached inside her skin, as if it had been magnetized.
This is crazy. But obviously it’s not. It’s happening. It’s real.

Claimed, The Vitruvian Man 3, is now available!