Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SSLY New Year's blog hop

Happy New Year's Eve! Are you ready to send 2013 out with a bang? And ring in 2014 with some great giveaways, including a grand prize? I certainly am.

Welcome to the Smile Somebody Loves You New Year's Hop! After you visit here, be sure to pop over to their blog for the full list of participants so you can enter each giveaway. It's open through January 2, so if you're too busy partying today, you can check back tomorrow or Thursday. A perfect activity for laid-back days.

In addition to the grand prize, I'm holding a separate giveaway - winner's choice of any of my ebooks. Whether you like paranormal/fantasy, contemporary or historical, you'll have a wide selection to choose from.

Enter by leaving a comment on this post about your New Year's hopes and dreams. Easy peasey!

As for me, I have several WIPs I need to finish in 2014. Mostly, though, I want to fill the new year with good times spent with family and friends.

Click here for the Rafflecopter. Don't miss out on the grand prize and all the other goodies!

Have a wonderful New Year's!

Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 in the queue

2013’s coming to a close fast. And the new year’s in the chute, ready to launch. Is it too soon for some bubbly?

I always have the urge to sing the line from the Waitresses’ one claim to fame, Christmas Wrapping: Now the calendar’s just one page.

Less than a page. Less than half a page!

During this in-between week, it’s always a good time to take a breather, and ponder the year. Hmmm. *taps chin* Did I accomplish what I set out to do? Yes and no. It was a busy year for sure. Eight releases with Decadent Publishing, and one with Sunbury Press under my mainstream pen name of C.A. Masterson.

It sounds like a lot, but considering most of these were short stories or novellas, they probably collectively add up to two full-length novels. Still not too shabby, I guess. :)

But I still feel unsettled. Not where I want to be. Or writing at the level I want to be writing at. I love my stories, of course, but I’m not satisfied. Like this week between major holidays, I feel like I’m in some space in between. Neither here nor there. No matter, I'll forge ahead.

Because - and I may say this too often, but honestly you can't say it enough - I have to go with my gut, and hang in there. The more you write, the better a writer you become, so any story you may deem a failure is doing the important work of making you the writer you want to ultimately be.

I’m really excited for 2014.  I’m signed up for the Dara Marks workshop in May, Engaging the Feminine Heroic. I cannot wait! Four days of intensive learning/writing. H-E-A-V-E-N. I’d love to be able to go to some other conferences, but maybe next year.

The Feminine Heroic workshop should play in nicely with my Goddess Connection series, for which I intend to finish another in time to take a draft along. I'd started it oh-so-long-ago (two more, in fact) but they’ve fallen to the wayside as other stories have taken precedence.

As it stands now, I have two Decadent releases coming up – The Ex Factor, a contemporary 1Night Stand short, and the second Blue Moon novella, A Wedding at the Blue Moon Cafe. I’m still finishing up the third in the series, Twice in a Blue Moon, and should have it ready to sub in January/February.

About another two dozen WIPs are in various stages. Some are in genres I've never attempted before, but they are calling to me. Some are singing in a raucous punk-rock, do-it-or-regret-it-forever-you-wimp kind of way. I'm thinking I'll soon jump into that mosh pit.

I want to make more time for reading too. I keep buying books, and getting excited about new-to-me authors, but usually give in to the urge to write when I have spare time. My Kindle’s about to explode.

What about you – how has your year shaped up? Was it what you expected? Do you outline specific goals for the year ahead?

Tomorrow begins the New Year's blog hop, with lots of giveaways and a grand prize - pop on by anytime from tomorrow through Jan. 2 to enter :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hanging at the ARe Cafe today

I hope you'll pop over and visit! I'm sharing some background on Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake and how some of the ideas for it came together. Share some of your holiday memories too!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a cool Yule!

Joy and peace are the best things we can have, and I hope you have them in abundance.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Casting Call: Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake

Another Casting Call! I've missed doing these.

Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake has a somewhat large roster of characters. I won't show them all to you, but here are the major ones.

This holiday novella's the story of two people who never quite got over each other.

Sierra O'Brien married her former love's school rival and retreated into her life. Big mistake. She endured years of verbal abuse before her husband's sudden death. Out of that tailspin, she manages to right herself and move forward with her life. To do that, she needs to leave all the terrible memories behind, so brings only her clothes to her hometown of Bliss. She never counts on running into Carter, but she's inspired by his success to launch her own business. Plus, she intends to find someone who made her feel as good as he did.

Emma Stone is a perfect Sierra.

After their breakup, Carter Grove became a success machine, pushing himself to ever-greater success to fill the void left by Sierra. He became a top rival of Steve Jobs, but it cost him two marriages. Both wives loved his bank account more anyway. When he runs into Sierra along the PA Turnpike, he's drawn home to Bliss too.

From the beginning, David Giuntoli was Carter.

Oren and his dog Jack hike across the country together, and happened into Bliss while following the Appalachian Trail. Lucky for them. The locals opened their hearts when Jack was struck by a car. Oren's in town doing odd jobs to raise money to pay for his operation. He's also known to dispense wisdom when needed.

Luke Kleintank was always Oren.

Carter's estranged wife, Barbara, stars in the reality show Unhappy Housewives. And she plays the role to the hilt. When she learns Carter's returned to Bliss, she makes the most of the opportunity to play the injured spouse.

Sandra Bullock normally plays the America's sweetheart type, but I know she could be a killer Barbara. Just look at that expression! I wouldn't want to go up against her.

Sierra's longtime friend, Rosalie, has never left Bliss, but found her own bliss as a singer-guitarist. She's happy playing gigs around town.

Carey Mulligan is Rosalie.

Shotsie owns and runs the Bliss Music Emporium. Once a backup singer for Janis Joplin, she now inspires young people by giving guitar and voice lessons.

Sally Struthers is the perfect Shotsie.

Sierra's parents welcomed her home, and offered her a job in their coffee shop, The Sweet Spot, until she can get her own business going.

Dianne Wiest is Ellie O'Brien, and Sam Shepard is Bob.

Carter's parents never held much regard for his wife Barbara. They'd pegged her as a gold digger from the beginning. So they're more than encouraging Carter to hang around for Thanksgiving, and afterward.

Diane Keaton is Carter's mom, Deborah, and Aidan Quinn is Carter's dad Curtis.

Thanks for checking out this Casting Call! I hope you'll read Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake too.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake is here!

Every release day is a thrill, but I'm especially excited to launch this new Blue Moon series. Today, Decadent Publishing is releasing Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake! *tosses confetti*

I'm over at the Daily Dose of Decadence blog to celebrate. I hope you'll join me! This holiday novella is very special to me. Along the lines of the movie Serendipity, with the slightest touch of magic.

On Saturday, I'll be at Lorrie Struiff's blog to celebrate its release and Christmas too. If you visit, I'll respond as soon as I return from New York City. :)

If you want to read more of Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake, the official post is below. :)

Thanks, as always, for your support!

Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake, contemporary holiday novella

Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake
Contemporary Holiday Novella
About 40k
From Decadent Publishing

Can Fate give two people a second chance at love? Sierra O’Brien and Carter Grove are about to find out. After an accidental meeting near their hometown of Bliss, Pennsylvania, events from their past reoccur. Will they make the same mistakes and drift apart again?

In Bliss, the inexplicable is an everyday occurrence, and anything is possible—especially during a blue moon.

Available from:


Ms. Masters has written a beautiful second chance romance that at times is heartbreaking, sweet and funny. 

I love Ms. Masters characters.  They could be anyone that you know.  She never writes a character that you can’t relate to or know in your real life.  :)  Plus, watching Carter jumps through hoops to win back Sierra…priceless.
The secondary characters in the book are just as good as Carter and Sierra.

 Harlie's Books - 5 stars, Recommended Read

What a sweet and romantic story!! I instantly fell in love with both Sierra and Carter and couldn’t wait to read what happens.

This is a story about two people who learn to let go of things that aren’t really important. Who learn what true love really means and what they are willing to do to keep that love. A romantic story from beginning to end that will leave you smiling.
Literary Nook - 4 1/2 stars

Casting Call
Who did Cate imagine as these characters? Find out here.

Ensconced in soft down, Sierra floated down from her dreams, the one place she always found safety. Her body acknowledged the bed, the sunshine stinging her eyes drawing her back toward reality. Reluctantly, she pried open one then blinked both open. After a moment of confusion, she knew where she was: home. In Bliss.
Dreams of Carter had helped make the night blissful, too. While she rose and puttered around, making the bed, a vivid image of him stayed in her mind. How the heck had a decade improved his looks? Carter 2.0. Oh yeah, he’d love that, with all his cutting-edge technological developments, he’d become one of Steve Jobs’ main competitors. Unlike Jobs, Carter’s sharp, professional appearance lent an unapproachable air, the expensive suit he’d worn the day before cut so well to his figure it looked tailor-made. It probably was. The soft fabric had surprised her. So had the taut muscles beneath the suit. Carter kept himself in shape. He had everything in life he could possibly need. A pang of regret sliced through her.
Or did he? She headed to the bathroom and twisted the faucet knob. Steam began to fill the small bathroom as she stepped inside the shower. It hadn’t escaped her notice when Forbes listed him in its Top 40 Under 40. She’d been happy for his success, but something about those media photos grabbed her attention, and she lingered over them. His smile appeared too rehearsed, empty of happiness. Sometimes pictures showed a woman clinging to him, her embrace cloying and possessive rather than loving.
Toweling off, she tried to remember his current wife’s name. It escaped her; he’d married at least twice. A bitter chuckle escaped and she wiped the mirror free of steam a little harder than necessary. And you thought you were the love of his life. Obviously, he didn’t have one—he had many.
She frowned at her hazy reflection. After reading another article she’d run across online in some pretentious magazine like Architectural Digest, she’d questioned whether she ever really knew the man. His wife—Barbara, maybe?—had had their initials monogrammed on everything throughout their McMansion. A beautiful place, but cold. Overbearing. Nothing like the boy she’d once loved.
You’re not exactly the same girl either. Gaunt face, pale skin, and dark circles beneath her eyes. Not for long. Carter had made his mark on the world and she intended to do the same. Much smaller than his, of course, but she didn’t need to conquer the universe. A state or two might be nice, though.
“Oh, Carter.” He’d left his mark on her, too. Ten years melted away when she’d seen him the day before, the two minutes leaving a vivid impression. Throughout the night, in the haze of sleep, memories of the two years they’d shared filled her with sublime happiness. How bright the future had appeared then.
She straightened. It will be. A little late, but starting over would give her the opportunity to make it better this time.