Friday, September 2, 2016

A bittersweet day

As of yesterday, the rights for my paranormal Vitruvian Man trilogy - Cursed, Charmed and Claimed - reverted to me. I subbed the first to Decadent and was so thrilled when Cursed was one of the few stories to launch their new Tease line.

I'm so grateful to Decadent Publishing for all they've done for me. I can't say enough good things about this publisher, and highly recommend them to any romance writer.

The downside was that the specs for the Tease line said only short stories. So much was cut from the original, and little additional was allowed for the next two.

I always thought these were some of my best paranormal stories. They blended a fascinating history of Venice, an imagined dark side to Leonardo da Vinci, and a very unusual paranormal hero. The heroine transformed from a meek scientist who dabbled in fire dancing, into a powerful fire mage.

But some readers were disappointed by the shortness of the stories, and some said they felt rushed.

So I'm going to take some time to revise these three into one amazing novel.

Meanwhile, the lesson learned is once again, go with your gut. I'd actually pulled the sub for Cursed initially because my gut said the story needed to go into more detail, but it was such an honor and thrill to help launch this new line, that vanity overshadowed my story-senses.
We'll see where the journey takes me!