Saturday, June 28, 2008

A small tribute to George Carlin, who will be sadly missed

I had forgotten I'd written this...

Words and Music
(inspired by George Carlin)

Words have power, like music.
One word, unlike one note, can invoke
a feeling or a memory.
Words have greater power, in that way.
Notes must be strung along in
succession to form a musical
But words are strong enough to make an
impression on their own, or in
groups of two or three.
A phrase can convey an attitude or
a platitude, without needing the support of
an entire structured sentence, like a note needs
a song. But oh, when
sentences are constructed well, they are, in fact,
musical – lyrical
in their cadence and rhythm. In good working order, words
can sway entire nations. Words have the power to calm or
inflame or inspire or infuse hope, or –
at their best – tell truths.
That’s why language was invented – for truths.
Communication’s machination is truth. Skewing the words,
spinning the meaning, erodes the inner workings of
communication. Words that convey
the purest form of truth
fill our souls, like music.

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