Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmm... audio publishing

Yesterday, I touched ever so briefly on an area of publishing that has intrigued me since I read this New York Times article:,%20podcast&st=cse&oref=slogin
It’s tough to gain the attention of a publisher, let alone an agent, without some sort of “in,” whether it’s a friend-of-a-friend or winning a contest, or gaining a readership through self-publishing. The article chronicles several inventive writers who have taken it upon themselves to record their own stories and podcast them, thereby gaining a following, and, in Mr. Sigler’s case, an agent and book contract. Not too shabby, for recording in his bedroom closet.
Today I happened across the Writer’s Services site,, which outlines all the logistics and other things I’d never thought of. (Not that I’m considering this – I hate my speaking voice). Still, as I said, the idea intrigues me. The five main publishing houses that think they control the publishing world may have some surprises coming. In addition to their haughtiness, the emergence of e-publishing, along with the new ereaders such as Amazon’s Kindle may be their eventual downfall.

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