Friday, August 22, 2008

Get organized

Ever heard the saying, organization is the key to success? Well, for a writer, maybe it’s more like the key to sanity, but retaining your sanity is a key element in attaining success, I’m sure. To achieve that state of zen in which your brain stops nagging you to do a million other things that would remove your fingers from the keyboard, start by following Sue Kay’s advice in her article, Declutter your Desk and Free up Your Creativity.

That takes care of the obvious mess. The less obvious mess is the one inside your computer, and inside your file drawer. First, let Shirley Jump guide you through Organizing your Writing – everything from ideas to research to submissions and beyond.

Once you’re more outwardly organized, you will gain the confidence to take on more writing projects. Sharon Schnupp Kuepfer’s How I’m Writing Six Books at One Time article provides tips on using “at a glance” book charts and color-coded files.

Follow Kim Kay’s advice on keeping a project file so you don’t fall into a redundant ditch with your prose. The Novelist's Bible: Creating a Project File shows you how to track every detail of novel writing.

If you’re a Microsoft Word user, you may find Monica Burns’ Microsoft Word: Use it to Your Advantage helpful. She provides everything from a word count spreadsheet to macros for highlighting repetitive words and for creating advanced reader copies. The menu at top left contains other options for editing and formatting.

Now you’re ready to tackle those six novels!

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