Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaNoWriMo, Day 15, Start of Week 3

Yikes, it’s already November 15. The halfway mark to NaNoWriMo’s end, as others have blogged about.
I poked around the NaNoWriMo site a bit today (yes, I goofed off instead of actually writing). I was amazed at how many students contributed to the Most embarrassing moments page. It’s exciting to see how many young writers are out there, even if they’re not concentrating on their classes, but writing in class instead.
Tonight is NaNoWriMo’s Night of Writing Dangerously. I can’t do write-ins. They don’t work for me, so my time would be wasted. I completely lose track of my thoughts in public, and the sight of other writers sitting all around me, their pens moving furiously across the page would completely intimidate me. I need my space.
Who has time to blog at the NaNoWriMo site? Not me. Some interesting posts here, though.
So, how am I doing, you may well ask. Not as well as I’d like. Yesterday, I wrapped up at 24,360 words, not quite halfway to the goal of 50k. I need to fast-forward my word count beyond Thanksgiving, because I know the turkey’s tryptophan will trip me up. Not to mention the cooking and cleanup.
Can I do it? Is it possible? Stay tuned, folks, and find out.

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