Friday, February 27, 2009

Reality show – for writers?

Apparently my friend who called the Authonomy web site an American Idol for writers spoke too soon. An email from Long Story Short revealed Shadow Play Entertainment plans to launch "The Write Stuff." Yes – a reality show for writers. Or, as the press release states, “designed to assist individuals in their quest to get their work recognized, as well as network with those who have made it in the industry.”
Show execs will choose fourteen contestants “who have drive, ambition and the willingness to succeed through 14 weeks of challenges to prepare them for the competitive literary world.” Hmm. How, I wonder? Competitive writing? Mud wrestling? Bungee jumping? The release doesn’t say.
What it does say is: “Live auditions began in January 2009 and will take place throughout February 2009. However, online auditions are accepted as well. Details are available at
Thanks for the heads up, since one day remains in the month of February.
It goes on: “At stake is the ultimate prize for those who want to make their mark in the industry: a ONE-BOOK DEAL provided by Hollygrove Publishing!” Who?
“Along with the book deal and recognition of having "The Write Stuff," come a brand new Dell Laptop and a prize package worth over $16,000.” Okay then.
Any and all takers should visit without delay so you, too, can be put “in the faces of those who can make it happen for them in the publishing world and those who can give them the tools they need to be successful.”
Me, I’ll be home writing. I'm not much for reality shows.


Emma Lai said...

I can't even fathom how they would make this interesting. Do we get to watch 16 writers balling up bits of paper and shooting for the trashcan? I will also be at home writing. :)

lainey bancroft said...

Holly-what publishing?

If the ads for self-publishing hadn't been enough to put me off, some of those contestant head shots certainly would have! Scary!

Romantic Times is currently sponsoring the American Title contest. Same general idea as American Idol, readers get to vote on book blurb/dialogue/love scene etc, but the contest winner will be published with Dorchester.

Teri Wilson, Romancing the pet lover's soul said...

Cate, this is a crack up. I refuse to look at the website. Really.

I, too, wonder how in the world this could be interesting...watching people write. Hmm. Although if a camera were there to capture some of the conversations of my critique group it would make for hilarious viewing.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, writers might as well join the reality craze. Not me though, my own reality is stressful enough:)

Free said...

How about people voting on new songs by writers that will be preformed by well known artists singing them.
Writer get a contract for the song that we already know will be a hit...why...because the people voted as the best...

Whats you thoughts