Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Testing 1 2 3

This week the bookbabie blog displayed the Spinning Dancer graphic that fascinated me, although apparently it’s been around for years now, and under heavy debate about its validity. (Sorry, I could not get her to display in animated form but you can see her here.)
Out of curiosity, I took the Intelliscript brain quiz, and scored a 4 for left and 13 for right. No surprise there. Except I couldn’t help but notice that 4 and 13 add up to a pretty random number. 17? Do other people score higher or lower, I wonder? Not that it matters. I yam what I yam, as Popeye always said. (I never truly appreciated Popeye’s Zenlike philosophies until recently.)
When I first looked at the graphic, I could only see her spinning counter clockwise, no matter how much I tried to imagine her spinning the opposite direction.
This morning, though, she surprised me by spinning clockwise for a few moments, then reversing. Does this mean I’m at my most sensible first thing in the morning, then it’s all random from there? Am I most rational while pre-caffeinated? This goes against the laws of nature, and coffee intake. Or maybe it illustrates that, in life, there really are no rules, which is more believable to me. And does the fact that I confuse my left and right (if, while driving, I'm instructed to turn right, I more often than not steer left) play into the Spinning Dancer's direction at all? Or is my brain simply dyslexic?
And now I'm wondering: should I write today? Will it be awful, boring, rational, textbooklike junk? Or will I be able to summon up from my treasured right grey matter the wild ideas in creative language I so love?
While it may not be a huge leap to the following, I haven’t heard a good Elton John song in awhile (probably because his early stuff was his best, but we won’t go there).
Have a totally random Wednesday. Just go with it.


don helin said...

Hi Cate: Love your blog. Hope you invite more guests soon.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Elton John song is/was Skyline Pigeon, another oldie:)