Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marketing madness comes to an end, for now

To finish up this series of hopefully helpful posts, here are a few more resources dredged from the far-flung corners of the Internet.
Ironically, this last has to do with keeping it local. Reach out to area libraries or readers’ groups. Create a list of questions for the groups to discuss.
Reach out to the media with press releases. PR Web provides tips on content and formatting press releases. You can also post your release on this free press release site. Don’t forget to send to your local newspapers, too – they’re hungry for content, and many allow releases to be emailed. Send it in a text document, not a PDF, to allow them to pull the text. If they have to retype it, they’ll likely ignore it. Send it to your local television stations, too. Many media allow you to email news releases, making it extremely easy to do.
If your release is in print, Lorna Tedder provides a Book Promotion Countdown Checklist in a handy timeline format.
To recap, so far we’ve learned: web sites are essential. To get an idea of what works, check out Writer’s Digest’s 2008 Best Writer’s Website winner and the runners-up (though they looked to be mostly, if not all, nonfiction).
Book trailers are an unknown as far as marketing value, but the fact that authors can create them cost-free using Windows Moviemaker, music and photos from free sites, it’s a no-brainer. Make one to help spread the word.
Lastly, write a great story. Because it always comes down to that.


Mary Ricksen said...

You gotta put yourself out there and push your own buttons

Cate Masters said...

So true, Mary!