Monday, May 4, 2009

The big unveiling...

But first, got anything for an aneurysm, doc? A little something to put the spark back in the synapses? Jump-start the neural connections? I'm a bit braindead.
Actually, the antidote is to lay off the tech stuff awhile. You may have noticed I spruced up the old blog of late - new color theme, the awesome display of covers... no, please, no applause, I'm much too modest.
As if that weren't enough, I launched a new blog that's going to be pretty exciting... check out The Susquehanna Writers. We're a group of authors in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania (and thereabouts). I'll make my first post there tomorrow. Our group of writers is growing, so you'll want to bookmark it and visit often.
But I've yet to announce the piece de resistance. (Drum roll, please). I've been wracking the old brain cells by putting together a web site. Yes, finally. I know, I'm a bit lagging in that area but am attempting to catch up now. It needs some tweaking (I'll do it later, after my brain cells regenerate a bit), but here it is: Take a tour and enjoy the ride!

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