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Romancing the Hero - contemporary fantasy

Romancing the Hero

Contemporary fantasy with romantic elements

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Jody Feather’s tired of only writing about romance...

Readers love her delectable hero, Jake Emerson. He’s the kind of man who knows exactly how to please a woman. The kind of man who doesn’t exist. Jody’s too busy writing about delicious heroes to find one of her own. And never expects one to find her.

Jake Emerson to the rescue...

When a man shows up on her doorstep claiming to be Jake Emerson, this would-be hero is everything Jody imagined him to be. Bonus—he brings out her forgotten flirty side, and makes her feel worthy of love again. She stops doubting his story, but does believing in Jake mean she’s lost her sanity? Or will it mean losing him for real?

Reviews (for previous version)

A steamy cast of characters pulls the reader right into Romancing the Hero, and doesn’t let go until the final page. Cate Masters’ romantic novella, an homage to the classic romance movie Romancing the Stone, will make you believe that your fantasies can come true.
The well-written characters--feisty Jody Feather, best-selling romance writer who’s dissatisfied with her love life and perfect hero Jake Emerson--are captivating from their initial meeting

The novella leads you excellently right down the garden path--is Jake really an actor, or is he stud-come-to-life Jake? I really liked how Ms. Masters’ tight plotting keeps you guessing, up to the very end. 
Ms. Masters is a very good author and Romancing the Hero is a fun, well-written story.
Long and Short Reviews, 3.5 stars 

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“Jody Feather?” The deep voice rushed at her like a hot breeze, reverberated through her, and stopped her where she stood.

“Ye—” Her gaze climbed the long legs clad in well-fitting jeans, pumped torso outlined through his tight black tee, to the gorgeous model face. Someone might have stolen a cardboard cutout of the perfect hero and breathed life into it, and that’s who stood on her doorstep.

“Yowsa,” she said on an exhale.

He cocked a delighted brow. “Pardon?”

“May I help you?” Please say yes.

“I believe it’s the other way around.”

“Really?” Thankyouthankyouthankyou! “I mean… what do you mean?”

The timbre of his deep voice filled the space between them. “I’m here to help. Use me.”

Wait. This had to be a prank. “I get it. Mimi sent you.”

His brow furrowed. “Mimi? No.”

Patience waning, she heaved a sigh. “Who are you?”

“I think you know.” He leaned a ripped bicep against the doorjamb in a move that seemed scripted—by her.

“I have no idea. Please enlighten me.”

“Jake? Ring a bell?”

She might have guessed. “Oh right. Jake Emerson?”

He clucked his tongue. “The one and only. I knew you’d recognize me anywhere.”

“Even at my own home. Go figure. So why are you here? As a prop for the signing?” Damn, he fit the role perfectly. She couldn’t have chosen a better actor. She jotted another note to ask Mimi if he could pose for the next cover.

“Is that all you need?” he asked with a hint of disappointment.

A loaded question. Better to ignore it. “No bags?”

“I travel light.”

“Didn’t she tell you? There are several events. Dinner, the keynote, plus the signing event. You might want a change of clothes.” Though if anyone could pull off wearing the same outfit every day, he could. She could claim it was Jake’s brand, his image, an intentional move to make him recognizable to conference attendees. Mimi always droned on about the brand, the brand.

Besides, who’d notice what he wore? They only wrapped the prize beneath. And what a yummy prize. She had to hand it to Mimi, the marketing genius.

Musing aloud, she murmured, “Where did they find you?”

They didn’t. I’m Jake.”

“Right. And I’m Lara Croft.” Not even her Halloween costume could turn Jody into the sexy heroine.

A chuckle warmed his smirk. “You’re better than that bimbo.”

Oh boy. “Let’s not get carried away, shall we? This is only temporary.”

“Why? Do you plan to kill me off?” Equal parts teasing and worry loaded his question.

“Don’t tell me you’ve read the series.” All that and a reader to boot.

“I don’t need to read it. I live it.”

His devilish smile almost blocked out his words, which jolted her like electricity.

Yikes. “Listen, Mr…” Rolling her hand, she prompted him to finish.

“Emerson.” He said it as if she already knew.

Method actor, apparently. She’d play along for now. “Sure. Mr. Emerson.”

A car horn sounded outside. She peered past him to where the taxi sat in her driveway. So Mimi must have sent him after all.

“Give me two seconds.” She hurried to grab her jacket.

“Take all the time you need, baby.”

The endearment brought her to a screeching halt. “Hold on. I get that you’re ‘Jake Emerson’ but when we’re together, address me as Ms. Feather. I am not your baby.”

Or anyone else’s, unfortunately.

His mouth curled down in a brief frown. “Pity.”

“Give it a rest.” She’d written this scene in the second novel, when Jake first meets that leading lady. How many scenes had he studied? Hopefully he wouldn’t reenact too many. Sure, she loved her work, but not so much she wanted to live it. Except for certain parts, like the shower scene in book three…

You don’t have time for this. “Do me a huge favor?”

He leaned into the door frame and stared into her eyes. “Anything.” His gaze dropped to her lips.

She melted from the inside out, heat spreading from her lower belly through her limbs. Easing her toward him. Toward those perfect lips. Anything… oh yes. And everything.

The taxi horn blared again, restoring her senses.

He raised his brows in question.

“The boxes upstairs,” she squeaked. “Can you carry them to the car please?”

He brushed past her, his warmth erasing her thoughts. “This way?”

“Yes, first door to the right. My bedroom.”

He flashed a smile and paused on the step. “Care to show me?”

Oh God, yes she would. Instead, she pointed. “The two boxes on my bed.”

Her gaze followed his jog to the top of the stairs, tight tush straining against the jeans. An audible sigh snapped her out of it.

After grabbing her bag, she said a quick goodbye to Frank. “It’s only for the weekend. See you Monday.” She glanced at the man heading out her door, biceps bulging around the boxes. “Tuesday at the outside.” Never rule out any possibilities. Her parents taught her that. And she’d made it Jake’s motto, one of the reasons fans loved him. Time to make it her own motto as well.

The saying had given her the strength to leap from journalism into fiction. If they only knew what she considered leaping into now… well, she was old enough to face those consequences. And enjoy them while they lasted. She glanced at Jake, waiting again on her doorstep with a ‘hey beautiful’ smile.

Holding a hand to the sculpted abs evident beneath his tee shirt, he bowed. “May I carry your bag, Ms. Feather? Or are you too liberated for such a show of chivalry?”

Wiseass. He had that aspect of Jake down pat. “Certainly.”

A full sweep of his gaze across her, and he winked. “We’re all set then?”

We. He said it so casually. So why did she want to bat her eyelashes at him? Use her best Marilyn Monroe voice, pull him back inside to slam the door and pin him against it?

Oh, I’m in serious trouble.

“All set,” she croaked. At least it gave her a chance to follow him down the walkway, and admire his rippling biceps and tight end, made more luscious by his swagger. She paid particular attention. She had to, or she wouldn’t be able to describe it in all its vital deliciousness in a later novel.

Oh yeah, she loved being a writer.


Thanks to The Wild Rose Press, which first published this ebook in 2011.


jean hart stewart said...

Great idea for a hero. It will be fun to see when he turns real. Love the concept.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks much, Jean - it was a very fun story to write!