Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Great review for The Lure of the Vine!

Seriously Reviewed gave The Lure of the Vine a top rating!

Here's what the reviewer said: Do you like a little mythology in your books? Then here is a good one for you. A nice SPICY read that is titillating, sexy and an ending that makes the journey worth the trip :)
What a wonderful little read that is not the typical Harry met Sally, I enjoyed the drama, the lust and the issues right until the bitter end.
This is not the first book of Ms Masters that I have been fortunate enough to read and let me just say that it won't be the last :)

Thank you so much, Seriously Reviewed! You have made my month!

Here's the story trailer:


Alice Audrey said...

Great trailer. I love the soundtrack on it. So I take it Dion is Dionysus?

Cate Masters said...

Thanks much, Alice! I use my son's music in most of my trailers.
Yep, Dion and Dionysus are one in the same.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Love the photos you chose for the trailer, and so wonderful that it's your son who did the music for you! So cool.

Great review, too.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks so much, Julia!