Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Sharon Donovan graciously bestowed this award on my blog. Sharon's not only an amazing author, she's an amazingly inspiring and sweet person. You should visit her blog often.

Tradition holds that I list ten of my favorite things and pass the award on to ten bloggers. I probably mentioned too often that I have difficulty with favorites. My attention span is small and tends to shift more frequently than is probably normal, so I'll qualify my list as "current favorites." :)

1. listening to my kids talk and laugh with one another (ok, so this is a keeper)
2. writing (ditto)
3. my growing puppy Lily (think I'll keep her too. She makes me laugh)
4. hearing from people who've read my stories and loved them (yeah, I'll take this any day too)
5. the change of seasons
6. the frogs who return each spring to the pond and sing in harmony each night
7. the Avett Brothers, who make incredible music
8. the new Spoon release, Transcendence (can't stop playing it)
9. any Wilco CD
10. not having to think up ten things that I like

I'll pass this lovely award along to the following fellow Blogmania participants, whose prizes you won't want to miss on April 30, so be sure to visit their blogs that day, and other days too:

1. Romance Book Scene
2. Books R Us Online
3. Travel the Ages
4. The Black Sheep Dances
5. Books Books Everywhere
6. Sarah Grimm
7. Caroline Clemmons
8. Celia Yeary
9. Stiletto Storytime
10. Laina Turner-Molaski

Happy blogging!


Stiletto Storytime said...

Thanks so much. This is my first blog award! Cannot wait until Blogmania...see you then.


Melissa (Books R Us) said...

Thank you.
This is my first blog award. I will pass it on

Blogmania will be a blast.

susan said...

what a neat idea and congrats to the winners of the blog award. I like this. susan L.

Alice Audrey said...


Unknown said...

Thank you , Cate! It's no nice of you to mention my blog. Any little compliment I get I'll take in a red hot minute, so thanks for the award. Blogmania, here we come!

Cate Masters said...

I love any excuse for a blog party! Glad you all like the award. Thanks for stopping by Alice!
I'm looking forward to Blogmania too, Celia! It's my first time (blush). :)