Saturday, May 29, 2010

In the Author Spotlight: Chérie De Sues

Cate: Please welcome Chérie De Sues today. Chérie will you please share a short bio with us?
Chérie: Hi, thank you for this opportunity to share my novel today. I write paranormal and suspense romances from sensual to sizzling heat levels. I honed my writing skills with newspaper columns, magazine articles and short romance stories until I became a full-time author just over a year ago. When I take a break from writing romance novels, you can find me online speaking to romance readers. I share my home in San Diego, California, with my one-year-old Irish terrier, Reilly.

Cate: Tell us about Lacy: A Bad Girl's Revenge and where it's available.
Chérie: Sure, here's a short blurb from the book cover.
Lacy Hennessey is hunting the last man linked to an ambush that led to her father's death. As an heir to her father's role as the enforcer for the Irish mob in Boston, Lacy is armed and dangerous when she arrives in a small Colorado resort.
Dr. Josh Davenport missed his flight for a little R & R after an avalanche blocks the road, when he meets Lacy at the Hotel bar. Lacy easily manipulates Josh into offering her a place to sleep for the night. But Josh is aware Lacy isn't just another gorgeous blonde in a red dress with legs that go all the way up.
Lacy enjoys Josh's company and his bed, but business is business when she leaves his arms to face the man who killed her father. And if Josh makes any more connections about her real identity, Lacy may have to add him to her list.

Cate: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt.
Chérie: Here's a short excerpt…
Curvy, blonde and gorgeous slinked into the bar, as Josh took in class with a capital C. With heels, she looked liked an Amazon—tall, athletic and narrow-waisted. The gods had sent this woman to him; somehow, he'd done something right in his life and she was his reward. Blue eyes, creamy skin and a red dress that made his heart skip beats. He followed her every sinuous move until she chose a chair up against the back wall and glanced around the room.
The woman searched for someone and Josh hoped like hell that would be him. Seconds later, their eyes met and her warm smile struck a match to his insides. He slid off the barstool with his drink and headed in her direction.
As he neared, the goddess lifted her eyes once more to his and a chill ran along his spine. He hadn't felt anything like that since his residency under Dr. Spellman. The man had been a predator with all new doctors. Josh shook off the bad memories.
"I'm Josh Davenport; may I sit with you?"
Red lips parted with a high-wattage smile against straight white teeth. "Please."
Josh let his body relax in the leatherback chair and set his drink on the low, round table between them.
"Would you like a drink?"
"A glass of Cabernet would be great."
He smiled and turned, gave a couple hand signals to Kenny then turned back. A small frown marred a perfect face, but she didn't ask how he'd done his famous trick. Disappointed, he rubbed his jaw; she had an uncanny way of making him feel uncomfortable when she didn't react as he expected. This woman bore scrutiny, she didn't seem to be wired the same as he'd come to expect with other women. Josh licked his teeth for any leftover canapé, enjoying his view of her physical attributes.
"What's your name?"
She took a deep breath and the low-cut bodice of her snug dress swelled then shrank with the exhalation. The cleavage of her breasts beckoned and he forced himself to stay connected with her deep blue eyes. She hadn't blinked and neither had he.
"Lacy." She licked her lips provocatively and crossed her long legs.
Everything about the woman screamed soft, seductive and pliant, but the hard edge in her eyes concealed hidden depths to her character.
"Lovely name; nice to meet you, Lacy. Are you here for the skiing?"
She shrugged. "I came to town on a whim; I didn't even make a hotel reservation." Lacy laughed with abandon and tucked a silky, blonde tendril behind her ear.
Josh nodded stiffly with faux understanding; the laugh seemed forced. This was a woman who used her beauty and charm to garner trust with men. "So now you're trapped and the lifts are shut down because of the avalanche warning."
She smiled seductively and accepted the Cabernet from Kenny. "Thank you."
Kenny winked at him and went back to the bar, no doubt wishing he could hear their conversation.
Lacy wouldn't have been able to book a room tonight anyway; Deborah's damn engagement party had taken all the ones available. "I heard from the desk that the hotel is full. Do you need somewhere to sleep tonight?"
Lacy peered at him over her wine glass. "Are you offering me a place to sleep, Josh?"
Her deep sensual voice struck a chord below his belt and he grinned at his good fortune. "I am, Lacy."

Cate: What inspired you to write about the theme?
Chérie: Noble Romance has begun a new line of "Bad Girls, who deserve love too." This is the first of the new romance line and a complete chapter of the novel to follow, Lacy: A Bad Girl's Romance is included.

Cate: How do you develop your plots and characters?
Chérie: Plots are easy for me and I've gotten a reputation for twists and turns with my suspense and paranormal suspense novels. When I create a world, my muse introduces the characters to me. Each one comes alive on the path to romance.

Cate: Do you feel as if the characters live with you as you write? Do they haunt your dreams?
Chérie: Oh, absolutely. The hero and heroine have their own ideas about what they should do and evolve as the novel progresses. I do have vivid dreams when I'm trapped and can't figure out a troublesome chapter. When I wake, I have the solution. It's marvelous.

Cate: I'm envious. :) What's next for you?
Chérie: I'm working on Lacy: A Bad Girl's Romance and have three more stories coming out with Noble Romance in the next few months. Triage…a contemporary romance thriller, South of the Border…a contemporary suspense romance and The Seduction of Simone…a paranormal suspense romance with ghosts! Gee whiz, I'm going to be in edits for months!

Cate: Any other published works?
Chérie: On Valentines Day this year, Tales of the Red Moon Clan was released. I'm proud to say the reviews were off the charts and two more stand-alone paranormal romance novels will follow this Navajo shapeshifter family. Check this out at Noble Romance Publishing.

Cate: Describe your writing in three words.
Chérie: Sizzling, Captivating, Compelling

Cate: What’s the most challenging aspect of writing? Most rewarding?
Chérie: My biggest challenge is working on multiple projects at the same time in various stages of development or completion. I need a secretary, LOL. The most rewarding is the romance readers feedback and reviews. Getting validated for the long hours spent alone in a cozy overstuffed chair is wonderful.

Cate: What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Chérie: That's easy. One romance reader eluded that she and her significant lover shared one of my novels and spiced up their sex life. What a compliment!

Cate: Who are some of your favorite authors and books? What are you reading now?
Chérie: I'm reading three books right now. I really enjoy reading the other authors from Noble Romance Publishing. The excellent quality and dedication by the authors says so much about Jill Noble and her efforts. The current three books are by JD Robb, Rie McGaha (Noble) and Nichelle Gregory (Noble). I really like short stories and novellas.

Cate: Where can you be found on the web?
Chérie: A few days ago I googled myself for fun and was astounded by where I can be found. Holy Cow! My author website is at and other links are on the site, like Twitter and Facebook.

Cate: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?
Chérie: Sure. For YOU as a reader, what is the most important characteristic of the hero in romance novels?

Readers, Chérie is giving away Lacy: A Bad Girl's Revenge to a random commenter... so start commenting. Chérie will draw the winner’s name notify the winner and post the winner’s name here.


Irish Gypsy said...

Thank you Cate for a great interview. I'm giving LACY: A Bad Girl's Revenge to one lucky commenter! My puppy Reilly chooses Rune Stones from a Red Velvet pouch and voila! A Winner!

Unknown said...

Cherie, you sound like a whirlwind of energy with all the stories you have out and what you are working on now. Can you send a bit of that pep my way? lol.
I think an important characterstic for a hero to have is a code of honor. To follow his moral path.
The new line of books look marvelous.
Congratulations. All your hard work is paying off and the readers love you.

Irish Gypsy said...

Thank you Lorrie, I've wanted to be a full-time writer most of my adult life. My pep is from my physiological clock that is ticking away, saying, "now or never...go for it!" I'm listening and putting every resource and every ounce of talent into my novels. THANKS Lorrie for the kind words and I'm sending you great gypsy vibes!

Alice Audrey said...

Hey, I recognize this excerpt.

Great interview, Cate.

Irish Gypsy said...

Hi Alice...thanks for stopping by, Cate did a great job with the interview! I have really enjoyed being in the spotlight and when this is over I'll slink back into my shell and keep writing, editing and virtually promoting my work. Smile.

Lou Riddell said...

Gosh, you sound like one busy lady! This is terrific interview, and I like that you work on multiple projects at one time (me too, nice to meet a "kindred spirit").
Congratulations and best of luck with all current and future projects! (Nothing wrong with a little "spice", I like me some too LOL)

Irish Gypsy said...

Thanks so much Lou, yes I do many things at the same time! LOL, I think that's necessary in today's world...multitasking was not a word until fairly recently. Thanks for the kind words, for stopping by and good luck on the contest!

Poetrydiva said...

Cherie, your portrayal of the characters bring so much to the minds of those who are thrust back into history with your assistance keep writing and transporting readers!

Irish Gypsy said...

Thanks Brenda,

I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt and interview. I am excited about the novel coming out, Lacy: A Bad Girl's Romance. Sure to be unique in romance today!

marianne said...

Hi Chérie ~ I LOVED the interview; you sound like a romance/thriller/suspence author after my own heart !! I mostly read non-fiction, 2 or 3 at a time, depending on the interest they spark in me. I'm NOT a romance reader, but your excerpt of 'Lacy:A Bad Girl's Romance has me waiting with breathless anticipation ~ I hope to find you in the Australian Bookstores of Angus & Robertson !! If not I hope to order it from your publisher !!!
I wish you continued success ~ much love, Marianne <3

Irish Gypsy said...

Thank you Marianne, if I can get you enticed with a BAD GIRL romance, I've done my job. LOL. Currently the short story and the novel to come in the next couple of months is available in ebook format that you can read on your computer. The book will take a while before release. Thanks for your comment and maybe you'll WIN Lacy's short story here!