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In the Author Spotlight: Linda Engman

Today I'm turning the blog over to wonderful author Linda Engman.

Hi everyone! I believe falling in love when you least expect it is so romantic. That’s just one of the many reasons why I love to write romance; the unexpected heart stopping first meeting. So much fun to write about. For myself, I’ve been reading romances since my teens and writing them is a dream come true.

Besides writing contemporary romances, I love shopping and playing tennis with my teenage daughter and talking football and watching action movies with my teenage son. I also love cooking, wine, hiking and photography. I’ve also started a blog and have the best time loading it with all kinds of fun things like photos and things I’m currently into, or recipes. My husband and I, our two kids, and two dogs call home in NW Wisconsin on a wooded lake in a chalet style house.

How to Make Your Romantic Hero a Guy
HEROES. They come in every form when it comes to romance. The heroes that I love to write about in my contemporary sexy romance novels are always hard-working, rugged, guys who may not always be the most suave when to comes to romance but they’re totally sincere, very hot, and always completely smitten with the heroine.

I also think adding layers of personality is the key to developing believable characters. So my guy-heroes have tons of layers both good and bad. I’ll take habits from my husband, male friends, guys I see about town, to fill in and give my heroes believable qualities. This in turn makes my heroes come alive with sexy-guy charisma and irresistible charm for my readers to enjoy. So today I’m sharing my top ten things I add to all my romantic heroes.

1. Bad Habits. A total must for any guy. Newspapers, messy apartment, unmade bed... No real guy is perfect. So find those little bad habits and have the heroine notice them in a good way. Kind of endearing.

2. A Sense of Humor. He doesn’t need to be the life of the party but should be able to make the reader smile at his self-deprecating humor. Again-another endearing quality.

3. Hobbies and Interests - other than just being in love with the Heroine. If he’s a real guy he’ll be into sports, hunting, music, hanging with the guys, drinking get the idea.

4. Friends. Speaking of hanging with the guys...a good hero needs some Bros, Backup, and definitely a good Wingman to see him through falling in love.

5. The Required Six Pack. Can’t be a Romantic Hero without awesome Abs!

6. A Devilish Smile. This goes hand in hand with the Abs.

7. A Job. Every good Hero needs something to do. So give him a job and make him work. Showcase his talents even if he’s a sexy-hot Auto Mechanic. :)

8. A New Experience. Take him out of his Safety Zone and make him do something he normally wouldn’t: Wear a suit...Try a new place to eat...Start a new business...You get the idea.

9. Pesky Family Members. Nothing shows what the hero is really made of, other than scenes with family members… especially a pesky younger sister.

10. A Secret!! Give the hero some mystery so the heroine will find the guy at least a little intriguing. Surprise her and the reader with an unexpected hobby, home, food choice, etc…it will make him definitely fascinating. But keep it weirdness please! :)

*Guys also love their…Music, Xbox, Motorcycles, Trucks, and Flat Screens!

Thanks so much Cate for having me on your blog today.
Happy Romance Reading Everyone!

Sexy, Fun, Forever… I’VE GOT YOU
As a former foster child, defense attorney Amber Bradley had a definite life plan: college, law school, work to the top of her profession—then find the perfect husband and have lots of kids. After unsuccessfully scouring the town of Cedar Point for the ideal guy, she never guessed that J.T. Craig would fit her husband profile, especially since the man didn’t fit any of her criteria.
Hunky auto mechanic Josh Craig knows he doesn’t have a chance with sexy high powered lawyer Amber Bradley. Clearly the woman doesn’t know he’s alive. Smart, beautiful, and educated, she’s all about her career and on the fast track to finding the perfect mate. Still he can’t help but fall for her, and with the help of his family, friends, and the entire town, show her he’s the man she needs in her life. One she can trust, depend, and count on forever.
Set in the hockey loving small town of Cedar Point, Michigan, Josh and Amber’s story will take you along as they find out dreams can come true—just not in the typical way.
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One irresistible hockey player, one sexy female attorney, a case of mistaken identity, and one hot night all leads to—undeniable love.
It was supposed to be a simple move back to her home town of Cedar Point, Michigan for attorney Heather Grant and her two young sons. Only she hadn't counted on being rescued her first day back by a tall, handsome, and disgruntled auto mechanic. Widowed and looking to mend her broken heart, the last thing she anticipated was falling for dangerously good looking Cooper Gerhardt with his devilish smile, six pack abs, and mysterious questionable background.
The only thing tough hockey star, Cooper Gerhardt wanted was a year to heal his injuries, work as an auto mechanic to kill time, and get back to something that resembled a real life for a while. That was until he came to the aid of drop dead gorgeous attorney Heather Grant, with her hot sinful body and smoldering eyes, and found himself wildly tempted and rethinking what he wanted out of life.
But will Cooper be able to forget about his painful past and give his heart all the way? Will Heather be able to trust and love again now that she's back in Cedar Point? Find out in…FALLING FOR YOU!
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Maeve Greyson said...

Great tips on how to "build" the perfect hero, Linda! Thanks for the delightful post.

Linda Engman said...

Thanks Maeve! Glad you enjoyed the post! Linda

Debra St. John said...

Great advice for creating those heroes. All of your suggestions really keep them "real"...and that's just what we want for our heroine and our readers!