Monday, December 6, 2010

In the Author Spotlight: Angie Skelhorn

Angie Skelhorn, author of a heart-stopping novel of attraction and self discovery is here to tell us about her new release, No Reins.

Tell us about the story.
No Reins is available online at and has a serious coming of age theme.
Love at first sight shakes Angel to her core. No doubt her love is real she up and leaves her security for life at a harness-racing track. Tensions begin to rise in her new environment.

Even though she is devoted to Stephen her insecurities creep in. She finds herself going in a new direction. A direction that wasn't her. She experiences a lot of dips and dives as she tries to sustain her sanity.
The times she feels pain, fear, frustration and anger Stephen comes through for her in a very big way.

What author would you consider your story is similar to?
I like to think my story is similar to Author Judy Blume who writes for all ages. She is able to get straight into the emotional world of the character.

Where can you be found on the web?
You can reach me online directly via the comments section of my blog or Also you can visit my writing life at
I also can be found on Good Reads, Author Nation, Fiction Factor Form, The Witches Voice and Facebook.

Thanks so much for being my guest Angie! Best of luck to you.