Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casting Call: Just the Right Amount of Wrong

To celebrate the release of my contemporary interracial erotic romance, here's a peek at the hero and heroine who played the parts in my head while I wrote this novella.

Sara Mullaney's tough, smart and sometimes a little hard-headed. Raised in a small North Carolina town, she's tired of the prejudice people -- especially her parents -- show to the local Latinos. In high school, she and her boyfriend Ravelo Pena had planned to revive the area economy and help the local farmers. When Rav left for college, she waited, but never heard from him. Seeing him again brings too many emotions rushing up - anger and love, determination and fear.
Maybe I watched The Princess Bride too often (one of my daughters loved it too much, lol) but Robin Wright Penn made a big impression on me. She has all the qualities I envisioned in Sara.

Ravelo Pena's a typical overachiever. His parents, born in Puerto Rico, push him hard to succeed. But when it comes to love, they'd rather he'd find a nice Latino girl. When he leaves for college, they urge him to move on in his relationships too. As much as he hates to leave Sara behind, he wonders if his parents are right. When he returns home, he has no doubt - they were wrong.
Rav's also tough, smart and stubborn. Sounds like a match made in heaven! lol Also extremely sexy, Benjamin Bratt fits Rav to a tee. Don't you think? :)

Just the Right Amount of Wrong is available on Kindle and Smashwords for just $1.99. I hope you'll check it out!


Emma Lai said...

I love your casting calls.

Maria D. said...

Yum! I love Benjamin Bratt!

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