Thursday, August 15, 2013

Casting Call: Betting It All

I love doing Casting Calls. It's a chance for me to show you who starred in the video version of my stories as they ran through my head while writing. Some characters come through more vividly than others.

Rachel McAdams was very clearly Norah Hawkins. Rachel's range of characters make her adaptable to most any genre. She brings characters to life in a unique way, and makes a strong heroine even stronger. Norah's determination make her a bit pigheaded at times, but it's a survival tactic. Rachel could easily convey those nuances of character.

Gerard Butler's teasing smile, clear blue eyes and especially his lilting speech were always the personification of Gerard MacKenzie. It's why they share the same first name, in fact. It's my tip of the cap to the actor. Both are lovable wiseguys who sometimes have difficulty keeping their tempers in check. :)

Some of the secondary characters came through vividly too. Norah's mom, Estelle, could only be Susan Sarandon, who has stayed sexy for decades.

I can picture the actor who I envisioned as Dan Jamison very clearly in my head, but unfortunately he'll have to stay there, as I can't remember his name. If it comes to me, I'll update this Casting Call. :)

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