Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ashes for Teaser Tuesday, and visiting Emma Lai's blog today

For Teaser Tuesday: the paranormal romance thriller, Ashes by Arlene Webb, available from MuseItHot Publishing 

His daydream with denial began to weaken as his thoughts hardened from despair into anger. Lyle pressed against his brother’s stiffening body, but no amount of friction created a response.

And I hope you'll pop over to Emma Lai's blog today, where I'm sharing some background on San Francisco Dreams, my historical novella set during the 1906 earthquake. Pretty cool stuff! :)


Darkfallen said...

Ok first I LOVE you header! soooo cute:) Secondly great teaser, you totally have my attention. Thirdly!! Wow you new book sounds right up my alley;)

New follower here!

Now..come let me tease you with my TT! And while your there don't miss out on 2 great giveaways Here, and Here!

Emma Lai said...

Great teaser, Cate!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks so much Darkfallen! Ashes is next up on my TBR list, can't wait! And thanks for your kind words about my blog, and my book. :)
Heading over to check out your teaser and giveaways! Thanks again.

Thanks much Emma! Arlene has a way with words, doesn't she?

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