Thursday, July 21, 2011

Casting Call: Picture This

Another long overdue Casting Call! These characters have been swimming in my head too long. Time to let them out. :)

First up is Sydney Welles. Her names implies she's old money, suffered a coming out at a debutante ball. But Sydney couldn't be more down to earth. She's sincere, hard-working, lovable, if a bit goofy sometimes. Why can't she get a decent date? Probably because she can't stop reliving the kiss that knocked her socks off a year earlier. A kiss that haunts her through every bad date. In fact, that kiss apparently kicked off a yearlong stretch of Bad Date Hell for Sydney. Oh yeah, she's got it bad. Too bad the guy lives in Philly, and she in Harrisburg. 

Mary Louise Parker is Sydney Welles.

Ben Taylor was a bit of a mystery to readers in the previous version.
No more. During revision, Ben spilled his secrets to me. Oh yeah, and I think you're going to like it. :)

Ben's conflicted. After his grandparents pass away, he moves from Philly to the sticks of central Pennsylvania. He's forced to leap at a job opening at the Harrisburg News, which needs a new photographer. Ben hopes like hell Sydney Welles doesn't hold a grudge. A year ago when he kissed her, his life went to hell. So he's more than reticent about seeing her again, let alone getting close to her.

You might recognize Ben's deep brown eyes, so expressive they make you want to melt. Or his little boy innocence. Or his playfulness.

Yep, he was always Robert Downey Jr. 

I have to post two pics because that's how strong Robert came through as Ben. And yeah, he's easy on the eyes. :)

I've mentioned before that Claudia, the editor, is named for my sister Claudia. But in my head, she's actually Gina Gershon. Gina's a bit young for the part, but I imagine she'll be one of those women who ages so well you want to hate her. Like Claudia. She's such a great friend and unfailing supporter, even providing a little slap to bring you back to reality when needed. Tough love, baby. Oh, and she's a wiz in the kitchen. (True to my sister, who received all the cooking genes in the family.)

Mayor Reeves is a complex guy. A politician, so he's not above being slimy. But he's fairly young, and very attractive. 

Jon Hamm can play that seedy-suave combo with ease.

Louann's a boisterous sports writer. Not feminine, but fun to be around, someone who can hang as easily with the guys as with the girls.

Rosie O'Donnell's a perfect Louann. 
Thanks for checking out this Casting Call!



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