Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review for The Bridge Between

Finally, a review for The Bridge Between! 

Long and Short Reviews said, in part: The time period covered in the book is full of turmoil, both professionally and personally, and that comes through beautifully in the writing. Jessie’s profession of photographer lends to beautifully descriptive passages, both of the beautiful and the “unsavory”. The writing could have glossed over this device, but instead, Ms. Masters chose to use it to it’s fullest, describing the environment, using the visual descriptions to evoke emotions, to portray what her characters are feeling. Definitely the best part of the book.
The Bridge Between is not what I expected. However, it was certainly worth reading. Not “fluff” reading in any way so be sure you have some time to devote to the story, and to enjoy the writing.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review, Iris! I'm always grateful that reviewers take the time to not only read my work, but take the time to consider its deeper meaning. The Bridge Between is not a romance, although it has a love story (or two or three), and it does delve into some difficult topics, such as alcoholism. But the underlying message throughout is to follow your dream and believe in yourself, a very positive theme.


Angela Brown said...

That is a wonderful review!


Cate Masters said...

Thanks so much Angela!