Saturday, September 10, 2011

4-star review for The Bridge Between

I don’t regularly check for reviews, so this one surprised me when I came across it by accident on Amazon.

Joy H of Readers Favorite BookReviews and Award Contest rated my mainstream, The Bridge Between, four stars,and called it “a good romance.” One of the pitfalls of writing across genres, I guess, is that some readers may assume a work is another genre. It falls between mainstream and women's fiction, but my view is that labels are for publishers, not readers.

In any case, it was a very nice surprise, and I’m grateful to Joy for this review!

Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite:

The Bridge Between starts when Jessie Moore makes a trip to her hometown in New Jersey to attend the funeral of a longtime friend who died of AIDS. While at the funeral, she met up with several old friends, including her old boyfriend, Billy Black. Billy was her first love, and Jessie was glad to be spending time with him again. Unlike Jessie, Billy seemed to cover his worries and fears with excessive drinking, which only got worse by the time Jessie returned to her job as a newspaper photographer in Philadelphia. Jessie had left her hometown and moved to Philadelphia to follow her dream of being a photographer, but she wasn't really happy at her job now that she and co-worker Matt had split up. She was happy that she and Billy were keeping in touch after her return home.

As I read about Jessie and Billy, I was reminded of several relationships gone bad because of drinking. I appreciate the author approaching this issue in the book; however, to have Billy find help or even encouraged more to seek help for his problem would have made this a more enjoyable book to read. Instead, his drinking only made Jessie drink more. The characters and the plot were believable, but I wasn't expecting the turn of events near the ending of the story. However, I did want to see Jessie and Matt back together because Matt seemed more settled and mature, just as Jessie was.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance. Even though it's over 400 pages long, it is a pretty fast and easy read. one you will enjoy!

Thanks again Joy! I’m so glad you enjoyed The Bridge Between.