Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YES! It's TRR's Year End Splash

Yikes, it's November! How did that happen, lol. Before you know it, we'll be decking the halls, delicious scents of turkey and cookies and goodies will waft through the air, teasing our senses. 

I'm going to tease your senses a little more! With my upcoming Christmas fantasy, Ground Rules. I'm part of The Romance Review's Year-End Splash - YES! for short. I love the positivity on that. Might as well end the year on a high note, right? And who doesn't love a party? Especially one that lasts all month!

So come over and visit. There are lots of great giveaways. More than 200, in fact. And the grand prize is a $100 gift card. Pretty handy for the holidays! See you there. :)

You can check out more about Ground Rules here.

Also, thanks to everyone who voted in the Halloween poll at right. I have to say, I was surprised that spiders won out by such a large margin, with snakes second. My fear factor for both dropped after moving out to the boonies, where the wood spiders dance on the log pile to match my every step, and the snakes regularly slither around the yard and up the trees, leaving their skins hanging like voodoo tokens. I know, yuck. But they're snakes. They want to get rid of those itchy old skins. :) So I've adopted a live-and-let-live attitude, so long as they stay in the yard. If they venture into the house, it's every creature for itself, lol. Ghosts, I wouldn't mind meeting one. Suffice to say, I was one of the two who voted for bad movie remakes. Hollywood really needs a shot of inspiration. I'd gladly let them produce one of my stories!