Thursday, December 1, 2011

Casting Call: Ground Rules

Ground Rules was another fun fantasy to write. I love it when the characters come to such vivid life.

Alice Garner's a children's book illustrator who loves her job. She knows she's one of the best. But this year, despite nabbing a dream job illustrating a Christmas story by a famous children's author, she just can't deliver. So she wishes on her Christmas angel. Seven times.

Alice is caring yet feisty, vulnerable yet won't put up with crap. Even from an angel. Something about him tells her he has issues. Maybe a few she can help with. :)

Alice is actually named for the actress I had in mind while writing: Jennifer Garner. Jennifer always struck me as sweet, yet she could be a kickass heroine with the best of them.

Luke's a Watcher Angel. Not a very happy one. His job leaves him less than enthused. And Christmas - well, the holiday ranks even lower. Luke can't muster enough cheer to say 'happy holidays' let alone have one. So when Peter sends him to Earth on Christmas Eve to help Alice, he does what any unhappy angel would do. He mixes margaritas.

Luke hasn't yet mastered the fine points of his job either. He has no wings, no feel for humans' problems, and little sympathy for Alice, who seems to be doing just fine. Except that she's not. Knowing he'll catch Hell if he fails, Luke brings his unique take to the task. Helpful in a snarky way.

Since the first page, Luke has been Sean Bean. Ah, Sean on a motorcycle. In my kitchen, mixing margaritas. Sweet Christmas angel, yes.

Michael Goodman's an internationally known children's author, loved around by the world by his readers. Not by adults. Around them, Michael's surly, impatient, and downright unpleasant. Well, he too has an excellent reason. Two, in fact. But you'll have to read Ground Rules to learn what they are. :)

Ewan McGregor's the perfect Michael Goodman. Handsome, a versatile character actor who can play charming and surly equally well.

Check out more about Ground Rules here! Or make my Christmas wish come true and buy it here. :)